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I know you aren't supposed to use a grow bag for the first couple of weeks but was looking at getitng one as I was given mother care vouchers as part of my leaving gift from work.

So question is: What tog is best for baby being born in early May (assuming low tog as summer?)


  • It depends how warm your house is I guess. Recomended nursery temp is 18-20 degrees and at that temp you would want a 2.5tog sleeping bag. I thought that grobags were ok from birth for babies over 7lb 7oz but either way I would go for the thicker (2.5tog) one to start with and maybe buy a lighter one for when it gets really hot later in the summer. Hope that helps Kerry xx
  • Where is the best place to buy these? Does anyone know of a site online where you can get them?



  • Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's all do there own brand ones and I'm sure you can get them online, especially at Tesco. Also when I was in TK Maxx the other day they had some in there (some great baby bargains in there!). I think you can get them on the growbag website, but they are at least double the price of the others.x
  • Thanks a million. We don't have ASDA or Sainsburys here but I will certainly check out Tesco, thanks a million!

  • Also, additions (argos catalogue for clothing) they have an online service (very resonable). Blooming marvellous (bit expensive on some products but good quality). Next do them, loads of places do them. They are lovely*
  • saw a couple in mothercare too
  • i have bought a 2.5 tog growbag for my little one, and will buy a lighter one if it gets very hot later on. (im due in 19 days). they are fine to use from birth as long as the baby weighs 7lb 7 oz or more!
  • the grow bags or dream pods from mamas and papas are to be used when the baby has reached 10 pounds or over! not sure what the other ones are but it should say on the back!
    also we say to customers that they should wait a few weeks before puttin baby in them!! again i'm not sure on the ones from diffrent shops!!
    ruth xxx
  • Hi everyone.

    I read in a baby mag that you shouldn't use a growbag until baby is at a year old, just like a duvet isn't recommended for a baby under 12 months old...
    Sarah xx
  • That doesn't sound right, duvets aren't safe because of the sufocation risk, can't see how that would apply with a gro-bag. Which magazine was it? Maybe they mean something different from what I am thinking of.
  • Oh really soz.
    I read it wrong in the Mothercare catalogue....
    Sarah x
  • OH GOOD! I thought for a minute I was going to have to stop using them, not sure how I would have coped. :lol:
  • Once again..I'm really sorry!!
    Since I've been pregnant I'm sure I'm reading things backwards. Head in the clouds as I've so much to sort out before we emigrate...
  • some growbags don't have fasteners that allow you to make the armholes small enough for a newborn - you have to double check the age/weight on every variety. Also, for first time mums especially, it can be difficult to guage what to put your new baby to sleep in and too heavy a growbag might cause your baby to overheat. Personally, for a may birth, I'd go for a lighter weight (1tog) grobag as you can add layers to the baby.Genuine Gro-Bags come with a little thermometer and reference card to tell you how much clothing to use for different temperatures.
  • our daughter is three months old now and in her own room/cot , after about five minutes she is out of her covers and turned 180 degrees , we have allsorts of trouble trying to keep her warm.

    Problem is we were warned by the midwife before we left the hospital with her not to use growbags under any circumstances as they made babies too hot , we had already bought three as they were recommended by mother and baby magazine!!!

    Im thinking its a good idea to heed the midwifes advice but keeping her under her covers is a full time job , she's sleeping 8 hours now winters coming and werre at a loss as what to do image
  • my son loves his grow bag now as he too moves around a lot, not sure what century your midwife did her training in but as so many mums swear by them then I would give them a try.

    Is it possible you misunderstood the mw, maybe she meant not to use the growbag in the beginning as it is true that new borns especially under 8lbs weight can't regulate their body temp ut at 3 months your lo should be fine. My son (4months) has slept with a baby grow, growbag & a light blanket over him from 2 monts & is fine, it also keeps him in one position most of the night too as he can't wiggle his legs so much & I am sure has a much more comfortable sleep.
  • As she was about 25 i assume she did her training this century ;\) ;\) , as new parents we were inclined to beleive what the experts told as opposed to some magazine , I did question her telling her we'd spent 40 quid on growbags!!! ha ha , but she was quite adamant about it , our health visitor however told us she used growbags for both her kids!!

    I suppose its a personal thing , we need to use a growbag now we have no option , unless we leave the heating on all night!
    Theres too much conflicting information on websites about whats right and whats wrong , its hard work deciding what to do , as a Dad i want the best for her so joining a forum like this is the way forward for me , i can make sure were doing everything right image
  • Hey,

    Ive bought 3 or 4 growbags from Tesco and I plan to use them fron birth (assuming she is over 7 7) I think they are a great idea, I printed the advice off the growbag website so know what tog to use when. I do think its a personal choice and would be quiestioning my midwife as to why I wasn't ment to use them!
  • i think there great! we found before we used them, when she was still waking in the night for a feed, that she would fall asleep in your arms then when you put her down she would wake up. when we moved her to her sleeping bag that stopped, we think it was because when we were holding her she was warm off our body heat then putting her into a cool moses basket she would wake up. she now sleeps 10/11 hrs a night.
    asda, tesco and tx maxx are all great, also we got one at a car boot the other week i think it was brand new if not hardly used and i washed it first anyway and it cost 20p.
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