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Safe Paint for baby furniture

:?Hi everyone

I'm looking for some advice, we have been given a crib to use that was my sisters but I hate the colour. Does anyone know where I can buy paint that's safe to use on the crib?

I tried B&Q but was told I would need to go to a specialist paint shop???

Any help/advice would be gratefully received!



  • oh i would like to know this too.......ive acquired random furniture and was going to paint it but wasnt sure what was safe....
    any paint experts out there?!?
  • Hi Wilko,

    I've had my mum doing research in all the diy shops .... so far she has found out we should def use a lead free paint and a water based one would be best or organic paint as it hasn't as many chemicals.

    Consistant advice seems to be we should paint the furniture well before we intend to use it to make sure it is dry and fume free.

    I only need to paint crib so don't think baby will be biting sides etc as will only be in the crib till about 3-6 months depending on size of baby.

    Hope this helps, I tried googling non toxic paints but was very confused with the websites found!

    Good luck!

    Pink x
  • hey thanks Pink,

    looks like ive run outta excuses now!!

    wish you all the best with your painting and pregnancy!! x
  • Thanks wilko ..same to you.

    I have started to sand down the crib and beginning to wish I'd just bought one's taking forever to get old paint off!

  • I thought all paint now was lead-free? Or is that not right? In which case, I need to get sanding the cot I've just painted!
  • Hi all,
    spent a long while looking for paint we could use on nursery furniture only to decide not to paint it.

    What we did find was a company called -International Paints', they sell child safe paints.

    Web link:
    Look on their FAQ's.

    Also on their site is a list of retailers (some of the major DIY stores included).

    Good luck.
  • Hi,

    My name is Paul and I reside in USA. If you want safe paint for baby cribs you must search the internet.. Their are many useful sites that would provide you with the exact description of safe paints . BEST OF LUCK!! image)


    For safe baby toys click: Outdoor toys and climbing frames
  • Hi All,

    I was looking for baby safe paint for a chest of drawers, have you searched the names of all the ingredients in normal paint on the internet !! I was so shocked.

    Anyway I have found a company based in the UK selling nursery Paint, well I suppose you could use them anywhere, but the shades are so cute, with names like peek a boo blue.

    Check them out at

    I'm off to order a whole load of sample pots now !!
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