Maclaren Quest Lulu Guiness or Silver Cross Dazzle?


Looking for a buggy to use in tandem with my main pushchair but am torn on what to choose. Worried Maclaren is quite small but not sure extra for Dazzle is worth it. Any suggestions?


  • hi i have the dazzle and love it! beware tho you have to buy the footmuff separate and the accessory pack costs an extra ??70 on top of the ??175 i paid for the pushchair. well worth it tho.

  • We bought a chicco umbrella fold buggy from mothercare a few days. Can't remember what model but its a turquoise colour and comes with the footmuff, raincover and changebag for ??100. I bought it to use at the airoprt and when I am visiting family, so far so good. Its very easy and quick to fold up and down, Holly can lie flat and easy to push and steer xxx
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