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Quinny Buzz Question - Storage space and changing bag??

Hi all,

I hope I am asking this question in the right forum section - and I'm sorry if I am repeating anything.

Me and hubby really like the Quinny Buzz although he also has his eye on a Mothercare MyChoice.

The only thing worrying me about the Quinny is the lack of storage space. The lady in Mothercare said you could buy a shopping basket but did not have one to show us.

I am looking at this wonderful pram and wondering where ever would you fit a decent size changing bag?!

I have looked online for the answer to this question and not found much. I have seen a couple of places selling bags they say you can hang over the handle part. But in some of the reviews we read they said you had to be really careful about this part as the Quinny was prone to tipping with weight.

I hope that someone might be able to advise me what to do here. Or can anyone who has a Quinny tell me what change bag you are using? I really dont see carrying a change bag myself as a viable option, but really love this pram and it has everything else that we want.



  • Hi

    We had a quinny buzz and bought the shopping bag. It was quite small and really could only fit a four pint of milk in it and a loaf of bread! I had a changing bag from Boots at the time and would put it over the handles. I never noticed my pram tipped up. Realistically I never used the shopping basket and I now have a bugaboo and only use the shopping basket on that for storing the raincover in.


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