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Baby monitors

I need to get a monitor for my 12 week old daughter as she is growing out of her moses basket and will need to move into the nursery. We have been looking at the ones with pads - does anyone have one and do they recommend them? The babysense one has 2 pads which seemed useful to stop LO rolling off but needs a separate monitor as well.

What do people think?


  • Hi

    Ive got the tommee tippee sensor moniter from argos (the ??55 not ??100), thought they were for neurotic mums lol but had one as my lo wldnt sleep on his back. anyway few weeks ago he stopped breathing and im sure it saved his life so id def recommend one now. lots of ppl also say the angelcare one is good as well.

  • Hi, I have angelcare that is two monitors in one as it checks breathing and you can also take it to another room, I'm relly happy with it, also think has save my baby, so if people think I'm neurotic that's ok...
    You can get this monitor cheaper than the shops in ebay. x
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