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Mothercare Nursery Plan


I have started a nursery plan with mothercare on a pram and its now gone down in the sale....does anyone know if i can now get it at the reduced price????

Thanks :\?


  • yes you can, if you have other items on the plan too then it's so simple to just remove the pram then add it again as it will come up with the sale price. If that's the only item you have on the plan then they just have to do it the other way around, add the pram at new price then remove the old one at full price.
    If they try to tell you otherwise then you could do what saintbertie has suggested!! They really shouldn't give you any trouble though, I have done this for many a customer before
  • We got my lo's pram on the nursery plan and they told me that at any time before it was delivered we could change our minds and get a full refund. Around the time it was due to be delivered our car got written off and I rang again and they said we could still take it all back if the car seat didn't fit our new car. Don't see why you can't tell them you want a refund and then rebuy the pram at the new price - or even try calling first and asking for a reduction.

    Nursery plan was great! Ordered the pram at 16 weeks and had it delivered at the start of my maternity leave!
  • Iv got a mothercare nursery plan, and the same thing happened to me. Ordered a buggy and the price went down. I just went into store and they cancelled my old order and re-ordered at new price! Saved me loads! Really easy and staff were really helpful.
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