My LO has just started to take his first steps and as we are going on honeymoon in 4 weeks I thought reins would be a good idea?

I don't really like the idea but I know how active he will be.

Has anyone got any that are relatively nice and don't look to archaic?

Many thanks.



  • I was looking at reins too. Have got a Little Lite backpack one which I not used yet, as boy is happy still to be crawling and cruising but have been looking on Ebay for cheap reins, but some look really uncomfortable, may see what my friends have. Let me know what you decide on. So I too would like to se what people suggest.
  • We have one of these for Millie she loves it as she just thinks she is giving the monkey a piggy back!
  • thanks for this, I like the look of these ones, making them fun rather than being something they hate and throw a tantrum about wearing!!

  • My friend has the Tommee Tippee safety reins with harness ones for her little boy and i've been using them with him while i've been looking after him. They are plain black with adjustable shoulder strap and chest strap with a snap lock side buckle. It has a lead rein (sounds like a horse!) to guide and a rigid shoulder loop for "close control" (as the box says!) or stair climbing. She has just bought me some for my lo for when he's off on his feet.

    Think they were about ??11 in Boots.

    Hope this helps
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