Cot bed for twins


I'm looking for a cot bed that I can co-bed my twins in for the first few months so need a largish one but don't know where to start?

- How do I know which type of mattress is best for newborns?
- Am better off having a cot that has drop sides or just the 3 position adjustable base height? (I'm not very tall)
- Ideally I also want to be put one of those clip on changing things over it when not in use too (due to a lack of space). Any advice?

Sorry for all the questions but just so much to think about!

I had heard that the Saplings Kerry Cot Bed is quite large but would welcome any other recommendations.

Andi X


  • Hello I have a Hogarth cot bed by Cossato which looks fab and is huge compairing to others Ive seen.The best matress I found is the mothercare fully sprung pocketed one which at ??140 is a bit pricey but it is really good and fits the bed properly.I had one from Saplings before which was also sprung but was rubbish and i stopped using it.Idid like some from mamas and papas but decided against them as u cant wash the covers at 60 degrees and their sizing is different.Whatever u decide,make sure it fits the bed as close as possible.I am not sure if its a good idea to cosleep twins.I d probably get them used to their own beds from beginning so to have less worries later.Plus not sure how long u can cosleep them for,so u then dont end up with a huge cotbed and no space and need for 2 smaller cots.Good luck
  • Thanks Sooky, I have joined TAMBA and they say co-bedding of twins is fine in the early days and can help them settle as they are used to each other so I'm not too worried about that but appreciate the recommendation for the Hogarth Cot bed which I will look into X
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