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Hi Girls

Just wondering if anyone has used these slings before. We initially looked at baby carriers but came across this website - hubby has a bad back so we are looking for something that he will be able to use without too much pain. Wanting to breastfeed and like the idea of being able to feed while using the sling. Any views would be gratefully appreciated!



  • I love em!! I'm on baby number two and I have three different freedom slings and they are the one thing that I wouldn't be without. They spread lo's weight much better than a carrier does and I think they are easier to use. If you go for one of the traditional style ones, like the padded ring sling you can use them for all sorts of other stuff as well. Mine has been used as a picnic blanket, to tie Millie onto a chair when there was no high chair, as reins for her to practise walking and other things as well. I think they are worth every penny.
  • hi I have a freedom sling and love it. i didn't get it until I found i needed it though. I found my lo loved being close to be at about 8 weeks old - and he was big and getting heavy so i got one! It only took 2 days to get delivered so you can always wait and make sure you find you need it first.
  • Thanks for the replies girls

    Which type would you say is best to try first as there are so many to choose from?! Are the padded ring slings able to be worn over both shoulders or just the one? Too much choice!;19;13/st/20080930/k/111d/preg.png

  • I would say go for one of the basic ones so either the freedom sling or the padded freedom sling. The two are more or less the same the padded one just has a bit of padding down the sides which supports lo's head if you are feeding in the sling or there legs when they get big and you are hip carrying them.
    When you ask if you can wear them on both shoulders do you mean at the same time? You can't do that but you can wear them which ever side is comfiest and the design really does mean that the weight is spread right across your back.
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