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Baby slings/carrier

My little princess is coming up to 9 wks old ( wow time is flying by!! )
She's such a good baby but only trouble is she loves being held close to me while I try and do things. I was hoping someone could re comend a good sling as it would make my life much easier to get the housework done and keep my princess content!
Thank you,
Claire xxx


  • I have a baby bjorn original carrier, as it was recommended to me by a friend. Got it 2nd hand in excellent condition, as they're quite expensive new.
    Have used it loads & wouldn't have been without it! Have found less need to use it just recently though. My daughter is 10 weeks old & seems more settled + has a daily mid-afternoon nap, so I can get a lot of things done then (ie. eatimage.
    Anna x
  • The moby wrap is absoultly fantastic. It's the one thing that i would recommend to anyone esp if you have back problems.
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