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Maternity Undies - any recommendations??


I'm on a mission to try and find some nice maternity underwear and wondered if anyone had any recommendations of websites/companies to try? At five months my nkickers are begining to not be such a comfortable fit anymore :roll: and my 'functional' maternity bras leave a lot to be desired! :lol: I'm after a few nice pieces of underwear but not sure where to start looking!

Thanks in advance,

vinnie xx

p.s. Why does the Welcome Back bit next to where I'm typing tell me that it's 868 days til my baby's birth....there's only 365 days in a year...what am I, an elephant?!??!

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  • Hi Vinnie
    I went thro loads of bras cos my baps size kept changing and i was getting really sore round the back of my ribcage as everything grew. In the end i often slobbed about at home with no bra on cos i found it more comfy. I know many would say this is really bad for you cos your baps can get stretch marks etc but i just thought 'tough t*ts, it's comfy' LOL!!! I also found my knicks got really tight as my hips changed shape and i ended u pgetting cheap MandS value knicks at size 14 or 16 (usually a size12) and some cheap ones from Asda too. I just got normal knicks in the 'mini' shape that fitted under my bump cos i couldn't stand anything pressing on my bump. The value knicks were also great for a while after the birth - comfy cos they were a bit bigger and also didnt matter if they got a bit messy cos of bleeding (sorry if TMI!!!) and had to be thrown away. I didn't get any nice bras or knicks cos i didn't feel sexy in any way! I guess i should get some nice stuff now (my LO is 8 weeks) but i still feel far from sexy. Alas! Hope you have fun getting some nice bits and that this may be useful for getting the comfy stuff x
  • i bought some tesco pants that were low rise shorts a size bigger than normal,bout a fiver for 5.
  • i bought some tesco pants that were low rise shorts a size bigger than normal,bout a fiver for 5.
  • I did the same as bobbysmum, low rise knickers from M&S, but got them a size bigger than normal. They are really comfy, as I hate tight fitting things over my bump, especially int his heat!
  • Thanks guys - off to the supermarket then for the next size up! Funnily enough, that's what I did for work clothes etc when I was at that inbetween stage...not really showing but not fitting into my usual work clothes! Tesco, Asda etc were great for cheap 'n' cheerful trousers, tops etc image


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  • I also bought basic knicks in a size up - seems the obvious thing to do, as you can still wear them after the birth as most of us don't get our pre-pregnancy figures back straight away (I'm pregnant with my second and never got my original figue back!). I did try some Mothercare maternity knickers and they were rubbish, the seams came undone after a couple of washes.
  • mothcare do some really sweet maternity knickers, the ones I got were pink with grey lace trim & they were in the sale so 2 pairs for a 5er. They are under the bump low rise & really comfy.
  • i got some of the undies from tesco the short ones they are really fab mine were half price!!!they will be great for after the birth too!!!
  • Mothercare is your best bet ... depending on your shape. If your anything like me just going a size up in normal knickers didnt work ... I was one of the lucky ones and only really put weight on my bump. My bottom stayed pretty much the same size, so buying bigger knickers just gave me a saggy bum !! Mothercares maternity knickers and thongs are designed to sit under the bump but also fit the sides.
    I got a couple of good bras from Bravissimo, on the expensive side but well worth it.
    Goos luck, I remember that feeling !
  • For comfy "over the shoulder bolster holders" (as my oh calls them!) for slobbing about in Matalan do some cropped tops which i have found fantastic for sleeping in, think they were ??4 each, since wearing one overnight i haven't woken up with mega sore boobs.

    They are made from polymide and elastic.

    Thanks for the advice on knicker shape, finding mine are starting to roll down, so will be looking at the tesco low rise ones.
  • For most of my pregnancy i have worn sports bras, they are very comfy and give good support, i got mine from tescos and matalan. I also bought some short style knickers, i just brought the next size to what i normally wear.
    Also primark do some nice maternity bras, i bought a couple from there they were only ??4 each and they wash ok too.

    Vicki xx
  • I got some knickers from H&M - now nearly 6 months gone and they are still comfy and wash really well... However, my bump is all out front and I've not put on too much weight so far.

    Bras - I'm now pushing an E cup... Saw some nice ones in Blooming Marvelous but they are pricey. I love the Elle Macpherson ones and plan to treat myself to one of the feeding bras once my size settles down post birth. The very best things I've bought have been M&S secret support tops (but they won't be covering my bump for much longer) and a bra extender which has prolonged the life of the horrid maternity bras I've bought.

  • m&s have there new summer branknickers set. really nice some nice padded white and lemon ones only go up 2 a dd though x;\)
  • your just better off with cheap ones as you go through that many, i just bought bigger sizes in ones i would normally wear xxx
  • can anyone advise on where to get big bras?? ive only gone up one size so far now a FF but think ill be a G soon. i normally buy them from bravissimo but cant afford to buy to many. also cant face not wearing boned bras...i know its meant to be better to where non-wired but i just havent got the confidence!!! i am 24 weeks pregnant and any advice welcome on cheap ones!!
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