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Leap frog Zippity

It is my sons 3rd birthday in August and i have seen this in Toys r us, however i am not sure if it is worth getting or not.
Has anyone got one or ever seen one even? Do you think it is worth buying?
He has so many things on his wish list and im not sure whether to risk buying this over something else if it won't get used.
We are considering getting him a DS for christmas as his older half brothers have them and he has wanted one since he was 2!! So wonder whther to just wait and he can play with that.
Thanks in advance for any help x


  • Hi there

    I am looking for inspiriation for my daughters christmas and birthday (shes 3 in september). So I thought i'd have a nosey - it looks great but the reviews on it arent great. Apparently kids get bored with it easily as the games are quite easy. Its worth checking them out - amazon is quite good for reviews image
    From that though I found good reviews for the leapfrog leapster - great feedback and abit cheaper! :lol: Think I'm going to add that to the list.

    Good luck and thank you for bringing it to my attention image

    Sharlene x

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