Baby monitors!!

Can someone please tell me if there are any baby monitors out there that DO NOT get interfearance????

My last one drove me I want stress free monitor moments with this baby!!

Many thanks



  • Ive got a tomy walkabout and the inteferance is dreadful- the digital ones are meant to be interfearce free but im yet to be convinced! let me know if you find one xx
  • We have a fisherprice one and sometimes we get really bad interferance but mostly its ok. I think that like doublebubble says the digital ones don't have interferance.
  • hello

    i do not know if you want an all singing all dancing one or not but i have one with no interference. it is just a monitor, no two way thing as i dont see the point, if my baby is crying or mooching about i just pop to check on him anyway which most people do even with a two way monitor. If you want a good basic listening monitor get tixylix baby monitor from lloyds pharmacy. I got mine for ??10 on special which they do alot of the time. You have 2 channels and a night light on it too which i find invaluable. It has lights on it too on the parent bit so can guage the noise, can be battery or mains. Ive had the expensive ones and too them back due to interference but never had an issue with this once, can highly recommend it.

    good luck

  • I got really cheap Safety 1st monitors for about ??15, never had interferrence and have used them in lots of different houses.
  • i used to have a fisher price on that cost a fortune it had the light show on it and most the time it would pick up evry one else baby but mine we used to hear some people down the road arguing and one women singing lol it was funny so this time i have got the one from lyyods for ??10
  • I've had hideous experiences of 'normal' baby monitors.....the interference is noisier than the baby/child!

    After trying about three, we ended up with a Philips SC477 which was fab. After dropping the parent unit one too many times (I'm clumsy!) and about 3yrs later, I replaced it with the same model, new from ebay for about ??40.

    SO worth the extra money. As a temporary stand in, I bought one of the ??9.99 lloyds pharmacy ones and it's now relegated to the cupboard - you can have it for a fiver if you want to chance it, but I wouldn't!!

    The upshot is that I'd recommend digital every day of the week. There's no comparison. Good luck!
  • i would think twice about a dect one, research just out has shown in adversly affects babies behaviour and more importantly their sleep. they were discussing it on the news this morning and advising anyone whose baby does not sleep well to remove their monitor from their room for a few days and it is shown to be a great difference.even if switched off there is something babies feel that make them uncomfortable.
    just try the lloyds one for a start, cheap enough to even leave downstairs while in the garden but you wont be disappointed.
  • Mine has a temp sensor- but the parent unit beeps when babies room is too hot, and you cant turn the beeping off-which is really annoying as sometimes i cant cool the room down. im gonna give the lloyds pharmarcy one a go thanks xx
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