anyone got a silver cross sleepover?

hi,does anyone have the silver cross sleepover on the linear frame? i would be interested of any comments on this pram before i buy one.thanks


  • I only have the Silver cross 3D but I love it, although I have seen the sleepover with someone else and I do like it, just a little bit bulky compared to other prams as the chasis doesnt fold up that small so it depends on car/house really
  • I have the silvercross linear chassis - and adore it!!! It is so light and folds easily etc etc and I have the freeway pram that turns into a buggy top (does that make sense?). I prefered it to the sleepover and glad I made the choice I did tbh. I have it in 'appollo' - (green circles) - so good for baby boy or girl as we didn't know the sex until lo was born and want to use it for next child too. I love the change bag you get with it too! Also have the matching car seat and that is great!! You do need quite a big car tho - I have an estate and it nearly fills the boot!- so do check before you buy!..also it would be hard to use on buses etc so it depends how you are going to use it. Happy shopping!! image)

    Oh and by the way I got mine from John Lewis and they priced matched kiddicare (it might depend how close you live to kiddicare for them to do this tho?? I dunno) - we saved nearly ??100!!! I hope that helps - feel free to ask me any questions as I have used the pram everyday for nearly 6 months now!!
  • thanks for the information.its very looking to purchase the car seat too and was wondering can you use the car seat onto the frame to push about,or does it not attatch? could i ask how much you paid,as iv seen in kiddiecare ??417 (i think)this was the cheapest place,is this an ok price?
    also,last question... what is the real difference between the freeway and the sleepover ? i cant make out what the difference is really?
    thanks again leanne
  • Hi Leanne - no probs. and by the way the fabric i have is Pistachio - not appollo (i dunno how my brain came out with that???!! Mushy mummy brain!!) Anyway in answer to your questions yes the car seat can clip directly onto the chassis. I didn't think I would use this very much but I have! A baby in a car seat can be heavy so if you are popping into a shop I just grap the chassis out of the car boot and pop it on - dead easy!! image) Saves your back!!!I prefered the car seat going onto the chasis seperatly to the pram - so this pram was perfect! The only difference (that I could work out!) is that you can use the sleep over at night as a moses basket but I had a seperate moses basket. I prefered the 'look' of the freeway although know someone that had the sleep over and loved it (one reason why I went for the pram I did). The pram is quite big but have a play in the shops - it manouves (sp??) round corners so good!! You can get round the shops and the tighteset spaces ok!! and your lo can lie dead flat (one thing I wanted!!) and now he is nearly 6 months I sometimes lie him flat when sleeping then sit him up when awake - and it is great that it is a pram and pushchair in one! I don't know much about other prams but I am so pleased with mine. I have had some lovely comments when I am out with it - people love it and you don't see many around so you know which one is yours when they are all parked up at mums and tots!! lol!! the price you quote is about what we paid as far as I remember. Are you near kiddicare? If you are go and have a play as they have a great selection so you can try loads out! the silvercross website is good and ask fr a brochure.
  • hi i bought the silvercross sleepover with the ventura car seat on linear from babybyes and it cost ??499 good deal i thought. not used it yet tho, 11 weeks to go
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