double pram

thinkin of gettin the philnted dounle buggy. 1st is goin 2 b 20 month wen nxt 1 is born. was wonderin if any1 out ther has 1. would they recomend it?? thanks x :\)


  • My daughter will just be 2 when our second baby arrives in november & we spent along time looking into various different types of double buggies. In the end we went for the new 'phil & ted sport' as its the same length & width as a normal single buggy & has a lovely we cocoon bed for the newborn. I wish I had known about them 1st time round as it converts from a single to a double & back again! Its definately worth a look
  • ive got a phil and teds my youngest is 16 weeks and i have a 2 1/2 year old, i love the fact that you can use it as a single pushchair once the older child doesnt want to use it any more.
  • hi, i'm in same boat as you roxi1 mine will be 20months when new one arrives so i am getting the phil and teds the side by side ones are just too heavy and awkward, i know this cos i've already been through this when my youngest was born and the other lad was 2 at the time, good luck whatever you choose x x
  • im getting the icandy pear out in autum. it smart can be a single pram 2 x
  • my son is 22 months and I have a 8 week old baby. i didn't like the fact that on the phil & ted the baby is really near the floor. :\( loved the concept of it though and wish the design was a bit different. I bought the maclaren twin techno side by side from mothercare. it is was absolutly brilliant and am so glad i bought it!! it is so light and is umbrella folding too. I used have a graco trenton deluxe travel system from when my son was a baby, so had the "snug" carrycot thing from that still. so i used that on the pram for the first 6 weeks as i didn't like the idea of putting my newborn straight into the buggy. it worked a treat!! if you want i can email a picture of it to you.

    i put the baby in the buggy now and i have no problem what so ever getting through shop door ways. basically it's like pushing a single big pram. to me it's no different from pushing the graco travel system.
  • yeah plz.the only thing that put me off side by side. is getting through doors and space in my hall x
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