Babys first cup

I have tried a few and my 4mth old son couldn't get the hang of any. I was in tesco today and found a pack of two of their own brand cups and they are fab-lo loved it!!


  • i've had a doidy cup for my lo since she was a few months old....she learnt to hold it herself by the time she was about 10 months and can now drink without a lid (she's 13 months) although we do still get the odd spillage if she gets excited while holding her cup!! when we're out and about i take a beaker that has a straw that pops up when you open the lid...from tesco, tommy tippee i think. she loves it.
  • my lo is 15 months and he has only just got to grips with a cup, hopefully his walking will follow lol. The trainer cups are good from boots also tomee tippee are good and the first cup is only about a pound.k he will get there just keep trying ok love charlotte n tyler xx
  • I tried loads of cups/beakers with my little boy and he couldn't get to grips with any of them until I got a tommee tippee beaker for less than a pound and he loved it. The only thing is its not non drip so you have to keep an eye on them if they are doing it themselves.

    Jo x
  • Hi Jo, I must agree the tommee tippee cups are excellent as a 1st beaker.

    But when they get a litle older if you have a Asda near you they have a fab range of their own baby cups with handles etc and are brill and leak proof. I swear by them.

    Leila x
  • I just bought the amadeus 360,cup for sonny, best one ever so far, cannot be spilled even when tipped up & he loves the way you have to suck the lip of the cup to get the drink out. His cm loves it too cause it stops the puddles he likes to pour over the floor image
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