Advice on Maxi Cosi Mura 3 gratefully received!

Hi ladies!

Over the last couple of weeks I hae been putting a lot of thought/research and effort into trying to find a suitable system.

We have a slight issue in that where we live is down an unmade country track, full of potholes and generally very unlevel. So a normal buggie with little wheels wouldn't get me very far!

I quite liked the look of the Quinny Buzz system and went to try it at Mothercare, and although it was great and really maneavourable I soon realised that the two little front wheels wouldn't be up to the job or our bumpy road!

So after lots of review reading and trailing of internet sites I think I have come up with the one, the Maxi-Cosi Mura 3 system. Good chunky tyres, suspension, lies flat, compatible with car seat etc, etc. Luckily my Dad has kindly offered to buy the system for us, bless him, so we will only have to buy the isofix seat and maybe the carrycot if I want it.

Now I can not find this pushchair in any of our local shops for love nor money. Mothercare don't stock it, neither do John Lewis, and although Toyrus are supposed to have it they flipping don't grr!

Have any of you used this one before, or maybe know anybody who has got it??

I know it is supposed to be a bit heavy, but everything I pick out seems to have at least one downside and this one seemed best of the chunky-tyred bunch!!

Goodness only knows where I might manage to fnd one to try out at this rate though! Being only 5ft 1inch I need to make sure the handle adjusts low eneough for me before I order it!! :roll:

Any comments gratefully received!

Iz x (22+1)

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