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Due dec and starting to see whats about for prams/pushchairs. I'd driving hubby mad already as he's only interested in the man bits (chassis, breaks , street cred etc!) Not keen on the bugaboo (sister got it). Thought the mutsy urban rider looked good or the jane pro slalom. Reviews anyone or other recommendations?:\?


  • Hi,
    I remember when we were shopping for a pram and it was a complete nightmare!!
    In the end we got the iCandy Apple. Don't know if you've heard of it but it's very similar to the Quinny Buzz but with a bigger shopping basket and the choice of being 3 or 4 wheels.
    But if I'm totally honest I don't really like it! It does look really cool and we've had loads of positive comments when we've been out and about but looks aren't everything!!
    I'm not very strong and I find this pram needs a strong person to deal with it. I find it very awkward to put the carrycot/ carseat/ pushchair parts on and off the chassis. I don't like the steering when the wheels are on swivel and there is no parasol in the world that can be attached to the chassis.
    The only +ve apart from it's looks is that it is very easy to collapse and put back up again.
    Hope you find what you're looking for.
  • Hi Jane

    I'm due on 4th Dec and I'm starting to think about prams too! I keep looking at the Jane Slalom Pro as I live in the middle of nowhere in the yorkshire moors so need something quite robust for walking...but then again I keep thinking that when I am out walking with the dogs I will use a carrier. I keep trying to remember what I liked and didn't like about previous prams, but my other children are 12 and 8 and I cannot remember! But I will definitely go for a travel system just for ease. I have also had a look at the mamas and papas 6 in 1 which seem quite good value.

    Not sure if that helps you...! Atleast your OH is interested in the pram, mine is just 'do whatever you want' and is more concerned about whether I need a larger vehicle!

  • Its the Quinny Buzz for me, I suffer a bad back and the chassis is nice and light, the car seat (etc) clips on easily and also it looks fab!!!
  • Hi guys,

    I'm a newbie here but saw this thread and thought I'd reply as we've just bought the iCandy apple. One of the main things that swayed us was how small the chasis folds down as the large rear wheels can be very easily removed (easy to replace too!). Although we have an estate car, we also have quite a big dog who travels in a car crate in the boot, leaving not very much space. I was absloutely stunned when the icandy chasis fitted neatly beside the dog's crate image.

    I really liked the Jane Slalom Pro too - but when we tried fixing the baby seat to the mock-up car seat and seat belt they had in the shop it was a blummin' nightmare! :evil: I found it sooo fidly it was starting to stress me out so when I thought about what it'd be like trying to fit it with a crying baby etc, it was a no-go! One of the pros with the Jane system though is that you can get a car seat that reclines so that baby lies flat. Anyhow, we're pleased with the iCandy apple, esp as compatible with the Maxicosi seat - so we've bought the base to have in the car to just click the seat into. Much easier,,,well, for someone like me who's not especially technical (or patient with faffy car seat fittings, lol!). It's a shame really as I loved everything else about the Jane and just wonder why they can't make the car seat fitting a little more straightforward. One thing I will say re iCandy apple is that when we assembled it in the living room and tried collapsing it etc, it seemed quite hoping this is because it's new...!

    Vinnie x
  • Hi Callyb, saw your reply and it made me smile! I've got an 11 yr gap and at 36 feel like a complete novice! I took onboard about the car seat stuff buy I'll be inheriting a maxi cosy thing from my sis so really only need to think about a pram- again like you we're out in the sticks so need something fairly robust, hey ho back to the drawing board again! (oh and if hubby not interested at least he won't know the cost!) cx
  • Hi Clare20

    You are right, he will probably never know the cost! I went to mothercare with my eldest today (I home school her so occasionally we go on a shopping spree which is very educational) and she found a pushchair that is designed with an i-pod holder so the baby can listen to music or stories...what is all that about! The more I think about it the more I remember that as soon as I could I ditched the pram for a decent buggy as soon as I could with my youngest! So I am now wondering what the point of spending ??600 on something that I might hardly use. Especially as we are due in december it's not as if I will be trying to put the baby to sleep in the garden. So I am now completely confused! I dont need to worry too much about space as we have land rovers so on that count anything will fit...I also dont think I would ever try and walk the dogs with a pushchair, we have 3 and one of them is a great dane (only 8 months old but already the size of a small donkey!) so I need both hands to control him! Maybe a car seat and a baby sling is the best option for me until baby is a few weeks old...but then again when the baby needs a sleep during the day dogs would knock a moses basket over, but they would be less likely to knock a push chair over...

    AAAGGHHHHH....too much to think about...I need to have a lie down now!


  • hi callyb, thought I had a plate full with 2 big kids a cat and a imminent house move! By the way how did your eldest take the new baby news? My son is 13 and for all he's excited I think the fact that he knows how we ended up pregnant is making him skirm!! My daughter at 11 just thinks its great and managed to inform the whole village before we did! By the way heard about the Ipod thingy too but not sure if the baby would like whats on mine! c x
  • OOoh Cally - I'm glad your worried about your dogs - in the nicest possible way. I had to boycott babyexpert at the weekend cos everytime I logged on I swear it was someone saying they'd had to rehome their dogs. i've got two and it would be like waving goodbye to my parents if i had to give them up. One is a whippet and can be a bit boisterious and it worries me what he'll be like. I'm shitting myself I'm not going to be able to cope - I think i need some sort of tranqulizers cos the near it gets (sept) the more I'm crapping myself. And now I'm convinced that Lola (fat basset) knows I'm knocked up and it's like i've betrayed her.
    What changes are you going to make with dogs before you have the baby? I want to do the best I can - god i sound deranged, maybe I should be going for a lay down too.
  • Hi Clare20 and New and Improved Claire!

    Clare20- - daughter is 12 and is loving every minute of it...though is desperate to know sex and I'm not so bothered but guess it will make things easier! Son of 8 is a bit stressed that it might be a girl! But apart from that they are both really excited!

    Both Clare and Claire - DOGS!

    Well...luckily the trait of a great dane is to sleep...and sleep and just for good measure sleep some more! The others are a choc labrador who is nearly 6 and is just dozy and stupid and spends all day either on or under our sons bed, then we have scrappy our cross breed who is about 3 now and is very obedient but follows me everywhere! The only time they are a nightmare is if someone comes round...then they are a bit jumpy. The worst thing is (and please dont think I am lady muck...) but we live in a castle/ruins and we have visitors coming round to look at the ruins and to look at a couple of rooms that are part of the the dogs always bark when someone is around...

    The dogs go for a good run twice a day so are normally OK and sleep alot...tthough for some reason they seem to always be on their absolute worst behaviour when the midwife comes round! But I dont particularly like her anyway!

    As for what I will do...well they wont be able to get to the sleeping baby as they wont come into our bedroom and the babies room is down a couple of steps and I was going to stick a stairgate in so they cannot get through to the nursery.

    By the time the baby comes then (fingers crossed) my office will be done (I am trying to get registered to hold weddings at the castle and am currently starting up my own business in between bouts of nausea!) and I am planning to have the baby in there with me and the dogs will be around other areas of the I have to keep them out of the office/2nd kitchen area as this will be our catering area.

    Umm do you ever feel like you have taken on just a bit too much! It seemed like a fab idea to lease a castle for 10 years and work for myself! Meanwhile my hubby has just come off tour with Lionel Richie and is struggling to come to terms with the fact his wife who is normally a together business woman has turned into a complete blithering idiot! Some poor man turned up today to look at the castle just as I had got home with my youngest and one of his friends...I said I would go and open up the rooms for him to look at...but I got inside, unloaded shopping, sat down on the sofa and thought 'I'm sure there is something I should have done...' when it dawned on me that this old man was still standing outside waiting for me!!!!

    Eeek and just remembered I have environmental health guy coming round tomorrow to advise me on my registration for selling ice creams and eventually doing catering for parties here....just hope he doesnt see a rat outside as the kids reckon they have seen one near the chickens...oh yes on top of dogs and cat we have 5 chickens...

    Claire new and improved - do you think your dogs will be jealous then? Have they been around babies before and if so how do they react? I am sure that if you can get them to associate the baby with something nice for them (in other words bribe them with treats) they will learn...they may get a bit fat though!

    Sorry for such a long post...!


  • Bloody hell, I definately need a lay down now Mrs Muck, only kidding. Well I have a lazy basset and a lazy whippet, and during the day they are super lazy sods and only go out for one walk a day - which me and my husband do in the evenings together - so I'm sure that won't be a problem. My husband also works for himself and is home early and is very helpful where the muts are concerned. They don't sleep upstairs they sleep in the kitchen and we are lucky to have the room that if they get naffed off with me screaming or the baby scroute screaming they can go else where. They are used to children as I've always had friends round with kids and my neice and nephew stay often, and theres never been a problem. Lola can be grumpy but she just goes and gets in her bed. The whippet does jump up when people come round and we've tried everything, but I'm really trying hard to make him sit when hes naughty or I want him to do anything.
    I don't work and won't be working when the baby arrives but just had a panic attack that I'll have to get rid of them. Luckily they are a pair of greedy bastards and will do anything for a bit of chicken so I should be ok.
    Its just nice to hear from other people that have got dogs and it puts my mind at rest. I'm such a worrier and over the last few days I've been upset thinking about it - not that I'm a hormonal mega bitch, or utterly unstable you understand. Thanks so much for your reply, much appreciated xxxx
  • Oh cally, forgot to say I've got the mamas and papas 6 in 1 and although not had the little critter yet - I thought you got a lot for you money and it's very easy to click on and off. xx
  • Hi Claire (new and improved - why are you improved by the way?!!!)

    I do understand why you worry...and I read the posts too about people having to get rid of their dogs which is such a huge shame. Whilst mine are a handful, they are controllable and we have enough room to keep them away from the baby when necessary etc.

    Yours sound lovely, so I shouldn't worry at all...I think it is just something we worry about...but I keep forgetting that there are another 3 humans in the house who will help with them, so it isn't all down to me! And if you are anything like me then are dogs are spoilt rotten and will be just fine with our babies!

    Still I had a right result with the man from environmental health and once we have finished tiling the kitchen then he as given us the go ahead to run a cafe/snack bar and home based catering business! So I am well chuffed! Not that it is something I ever thought I would do, but we have such lovely views here that it seems silly not to sell a cup of tea and a cake!

    When are you due anyway?


  • Good news about your cafe - i'll come for a visit!! I'm not really new or improved, i told everyone its because I'd had my fringe trimmed and lost a few pound - but it was more to do with the fact I always got told off on here for swearing - so i tried really hard not to. But I can't fucking stop myself - its like i've got tourettes in my fingers!!!!!

    I'm due in September, and i'm bored now - I want something exciting to happen to take my mind of my girl bits being cut open - and you thought my dog issues were pathetic

  • hi
    just brought the new quinny buzz 2007 and i would say it's my 3 month daughter in there who loves being in there.would recommend to anyone.image
  • If I was expecting now - I would get the Quinny Buzz! - I have it on my list for baby number 2 - but thats not till 5 years from now (yeah I know I plan ahead alot! lol) - so by then they may have something new and better hehe
  • Hi Claire

    Well I think it is fine to swear when typing/talking and I always enjoy reading your posts! We are all so bloody frustrated anyway and have to let rip whenever and at whoever!

    If you ever find yourself in Danby, near Whitby then drop in for a coffee and a cake...or a large G&T!!!

    How are your dogs anyway? Murphy the great dane is at my feet chewing my empty ben & jerry's pot of cookie dough which he is thoroughly enjoying!

    You might not have to have your bits cut...I must admit that is the one thing that always scares me...but so far I've had a 6lb13 and a 7lb14 with nothing but 1 internal disolvable stitch...trouble is previous sperm was quite small framed etc. New hubby is over 6ft and very broad so not sure if that makes a difference or not! I just hate the thought of someone slitting me from my fanny to arse and shoving a pair of salad servers inside me...

    Oh well whatever the pain it will be worth it! Maybe we should move this conversation off Best Buys!

  • hi i was going to get the quinny buzz but the carrycot seemed heavy and i didn't like the fact that you keep having to change from car seat to carrycot especially if your out for the day i went for the jane normad with the matrix car seat as it coverts into carrycot so you only have one thing to place on the chassis
  • Desparately in need of some help!!!
    We went looking for prams for the first time yesterday and am now more confused than ever. We understand the idea of the travel systems but are they really necessary? I'm due in November so dont imagine I'll be going on long walks until the better weather arrives and it appears that the carrycots are only really used in the first few months and can add a lot to the cost. Are they essential? We were thinking of just getting a light weight stroller that is suitable from birth and lies flat and a car seat but would be really grateful for some advice from those of you who have been there.

    If the travel system is recommended which one??? and the same with the stroller???

    Please Help while I still have hair left!!!

  • We have got the silver cross 3d pram system - as we feel it's the best of both worlds. It's a lie flat pram with proper mattress for when baby is tiny and so it can face you, and later becomes a forward facing pushchair. You can add a car seat but we feel it's a waste of money as it will only last between 6 months and a year (6 months if my first son is anything to go by!).

    We are getting the britax car seat that's from birth to 4 years, as we feel it is better value for money and won't tempt us to keep baby in a car seat for hours on end - you aren't meant to keep babies in a car seat for more than 2 hours and my shopping trips are longer than that!
  • Hi Ladies
    We've got a jane slalom pro and the matrix pro (car seat bit that can lie flat). positives = good that babe can lie flat for early weeks and long journeys; great off road; base not too heavy for what it is; good safety rating i believe; pushes nicely in town; turns really easily; quick release of car seat bit from base; good extras like brakes, moveable footrest; seems to be quite easy to wipe clean and dry.
    Negatives = small shopping basket; matrix is quite heavy; takes a while to fix matrix into car; base takes up loads of room in boot (try in your car first); took a while to get used to the dif functions and controls; quite big to store in house; accessories quite expensive; matrix not suitable for baby to sleep in at night.

    Hope this helps., but obviously only my opinion. If you're gonna get one of these def shop around on the net, and look out for offers of accessories with it. Also, i was told the matching parasol is annoying and not recommended (we got a simple universal one.) On the whole i'm happy with ours :\)

    I know it's comfusiing with what to buy. Think about what style you want then have a good look at a few first. Happy buggy shopping!
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