Which is the best double buggy

I need help please ladies. Which double buggy would you buy for a newborn and a 23month old.

I have been looking at the out and about but have noticed that the seats are really reclined and my eldest will not like that

Please help x


  • I have the Phil and Teds sport and i think it's great (well so far, only had it 4 weeks),
    I really struggled to decide which dbl to go for, i kept reading posts on here, and even stopped people int the street! I didnt actually make a decision until lo was born. My 2 are 5 weeks and 14mnths. Something like that may be good for you as once your eldest doesnt want to go into pushchair anymore you can still use it as a single.
    Good luck deciding....

    (have a look through old posts on here, thats what i did, loads of peoples opinions, good and bad)

    Hope this helps.

  • I've got the Phil and Ted's as well and I think it's brilliant. Millie was 22 months when Barney was born and it is great being able to use it as a single when she wants to walk without having to take two different pushchairs every where. I think you need to think really hard what you want from your pushchair. I walk of road a lot so I needed something with big chunky wheels, I can't get a side by side double through the gates onto our local footpaths and I found many of the tandem (one in front) pushchairs were just to big and heavy.
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