Thought I'd let everyone know I went into Asda today and they had the Lindam Door Bouncer, Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper, Avent Microwave Steriliser and the Avent Newborn Starter Set, all for ??10 each! They also had Nurofen for Children for ??2 a bottle and some good deals on bumper packs of nappies!


  • I need a new steriliser thanks. Has anyone used a microwave steriliser before?
    Were they as good as the steam ones?


  • i used to work in a day care nursary and when i worked in the baby room i found the steam was the best i dont think much to the other ones,the worst id say is the tablets in the water they stink,i had steam one wiv 1st and will b with next
  • i got a bargain from asda a toybox with three packs of nappies size 4, 2 packs of wipes and a swim nappy all for ??15 bargain.
    they also have 2 four packs of pampers wipes for seven quid.i also got twelve tins of baby food in a tray for 3 quid
    get down there and have a look they aint own the aisle they are in a promotions bit x
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