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Mamas & Papas Ultima 8 in 1 & MPX Chassis

Hi, I really like the look of the Ultima 8 in 1 & MPX Chassis prams in Mamas & Papas. Has anyone had one of these? Is the carrycot attachment safe for the baby to sleep in at night rather than having to buy a seperate moses basket? x


  • iya, i had this and would say it is wonderful if you dont drive and just use it to walk around town with. not sure on the carry cot. it is lovely and roomy but not sure about all night. you would defo have to buy another mattress. xxx
  • i had one till my son was 18 months old. he slept in the carrycot for his first 5 months & it was much more secure than a moses basket as it clipped onto the fixed base.I bought the mattress insert too. The pushchair was a dream to use & carry cot, car seat & pushchair all really roomy. Bulky but worth it imo.

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  • hi I have the ultima 8 in 1 and I have liked it. We used the carrycot on the stand in the living room during the day, we bought an extra mattress to make it more comfy only ??12 i think. It lasted for about four- five months (long baby).then started to use the pushchair and thats great. My daughter seems comfortable and cosy with the cosytoes. The only thing I would say is it is a lot of money and you have to store quite a few parts when finished with them.
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