Could anyone recomend a good baby monitor? I have read reviews on loads of them but can't make my mind up on what to go for! I personally would love the angel care monitor with sensor pads but oh thinks it would worry us more than need be and turn me into a nervous wreck! Has anyone got one and liked or disliked it? I would love to hear from you.

Amy xxx


  • hi

    we originally got the angelcare monitor from argos and ended up taking it back after trying it out for a daytime nap.

    we had one of the philips monitors and it broke when we dropped the parent unit so when we needed to replace it we got the angelcare.

    my lo was about 4 mnths old and moving about a bit in his sleep by then. i didn't like the monitor at all, i was on edge every time i heard a noise from the sensor pad and was constantly up and down the stairs to check on him. if it had been a night time sleep i doubt would have got any sleep!

    also the monitor pad that goes under the matress needs to be on a hard base, most cots have slatted bases so you would have to put a board under the mattress to level it off, someone told me that this can stop the air flow around your mattress which can cause mould to devlop. in the end we bought the same philips one we already had again, this was about ??70 from mothercare.

    i would personally not chose the angelcare monitor again. i'm now 33+1 with my second and i have bought the tomy walkabout platinum from amazon for ??75, the rrp in most shops is ??99.

    sorry to be so negative but i hope this helps.

    kelly x
  • Personally I wouldn't spend too much on baby moniters. That may sound a bit harsh but thats just my opinion.

    I used the tomy ones wit my kids- just the basic moniters and u can hear lo breathing clearly. I gave all my baby stuff to charity after no. 2 so have had to buy brand new again. I just chose the tomy ones again- there were three and I just picked the mid range one for ??40.
  • I used the tommee tippee reassurance 8 (the one with the sensor pad) & found it fantastic. It does exactly what it says & gives you reassurance that your baby is ok especially at night when you are asleep. It means you can have a good nights sleep knowing that if anything does happen to your baby you will be alerted by an alarm. I will def be using it this time round too & found it was worth every penny as it gave you peace of mind.

    I def think it is worth investing in a good monitor & the tommee tippee one I have can be used on a slated or solid base but cant be used under a sprung mattress.

    Hilary x
  • We bought the angelcare monitor for our first baby after meeting someone in hospital who had been alerted to a possible cot death by their monitor. I too worried that it would cause me more worry than reassurance but found that not to be the case. The only problem I found with the Angel care one was that the sound quality wasn't great -it seemed to be coming from where the wire connected to the speaker unit and the wire on ours broke fairly quickly (Argos did replace it without problem). I plan to buy the Tomee Tipee one for my next baby in the hope that the sound quality is better - but I def think the sensor pad is a good idea!

    Hope this helps

  • We have the tommee tippee sensor mat and it was worth every penny. Would absolutely recommend it as you can totally relax knowing that everything is alright with baby. x
  • I've just bought a BT Digital monitor on Amazon. All the BT baby monitors are half price on there at the moment. Ours cost just ??25, reduced from ??50.

    J x
  • i got the TT walkabout 2000 for 6 quid off ebay & it is great. The sound quality os so good I can actually hear lo breathing in the night time. I haven't actually tried the walkaround bit of it's name as I am always in the house when lo is asleep so don't know how good that but of it is but for a plug in room monitor it is great.
  • Thanks for all the advice, we still can't agree on what monitor to get! I have my heart set on one with a sensor pad, we didn't have this much trouble deciding on the pushchair lol
  • Hi,
    I think I'd like to get the Tommee Tippee Monitor, did anyone use the sensor pad in your moses basket or did you find that you didn't need to?
  • hi
    we have the Philips monitor. The best thing about it is that it beeps when the temperature in the baby's room gets too high or too low. Last night it beeped when the temperature got below 16 degrees. It woke me up with a start. I went in and put the heater on whilst I breastfed. The monitor has nightlight and plays lullabies but we don't seem to need those. The sound quality is really good. Now that I have learnt my lo's various cries, I can tell just through the monitor whether I should leave him alone or see to him.

    I completely trust the monitor to wake me (I sleep very soundly) if the lo cries or if the room temperature is wrong.

    The worst thing about the monitor is the relatively short usage time on the rechargable batteries in the parent unit.
    The baby unit has to be plugged in but will take batteries if you want to use it somewhere with no electric sockets.

    The Philips monitor is quite expensive but a little cheaper than Tomy Platinum, which is the other one we were thinking to get. Because of the expense, I looked at lots of websites to read other people's comments before buying.

    Hope this helps.
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