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Bought this car seat when lo was 9 month geat seat really confy looking, since he was about 15 month he manages to get his arms out the straps and he is sitting flapping about quite happily but not safely secured in his car seat!

I wrote to maxi cosi and they told me to take it back to the shop where i bought it so i did, and the woman there wa reallynice but she said i wasn't pulling the tensioner clip tight enough - now am a big woman with plenty of strength and as far as am concerened i am pulling that thing tight enough but the straps are coming loose and he is coming free - so she done it with Lewis in his seat pulled them tight and the little BUGGER didn't move, butter wouldn't melt look - and the woman said see if you just pull it tight he cant get out and she tried to pull the straps and they didn't budge so i was like ok fair enough, i will try harder, minute we pulled away from shop Lewis was free!

I give up what am i supposed to do, we are away to buy another car seat as his safety is more important, but if you have an active toddler like what LEwisis dont buy this car seat!

Maxi cosi told me thaths what toddlers do, well am a mother and am telling all you guys dont buy it its rubbish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:evil:
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