Can anyone recommend a good Breast Pump Please


i am going to buy a breast pump and wondered if you lovely ladies could help me out.

I am thinking about the Medela Mini Electric or the Medela swing, they do cost alot so would like to avoid an expensive mistake.

I am open to any other makes too that others have found good.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks all, xx

Sorry, would like to add i have the Tomee Tippee Steam steriliser so it must fit in this. Thanks

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  • hey i used the tommie tippie cloder to nature breast pump and thought it was cums in its own little tub that u just add the water to and pop in the microwave to sterilise it.
  • hello,
    i have the medela min electric single. I brought it the day I came out of hospital and therefore didnt have anytime to research it on here!! It was the only make they did and said the hospital I gave birth in used it. In hospital i used a big double elctric pump. I have found no fault in the medela. Only thing I would point out, is its a bit on the noisy side. It comes with a bottle, however, my lo will only take from the tomme tippee closer to nature teats/bottles.

    dont know about steriliser as I use a cold water one when I do.
  • I bought the Medala Swing and as a 3rd time breastfeeding mum I love it!! It does the let down reflex for you and then the milk comes out plenty!! Easy to take apart and sterilise. I have loads of frozen breastmilk stored for weaning to put in pureed food and bottle feeding if I go somewhere without LO. xx

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  • I started with teh tommee tippee hand pump but gave up on it as hard work, and it hurt my wrist (I have cts anyway which doesn't help!!). wish i hadn't bothered with it tbh and just gone straight for an electric pump. I ended up buying the medala mini electric pump and it was fine. Didn't fit the TT bottles but I just used the one that came with the pump and then transferred it to the tt bottles.

    No idea if it'd fit teh TT steam steriliser but it does break down pretty small so there is no reason why not..
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