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help choosing a double buggy please

when my next baby is born my now youngest will be 20 months so im looking for a dreaded double buggy. i walk every where so needs to be easy to push and lightweight with out compromising on comfort for both of the children. i hate p+t style ones and need to be able to manover through shops, doors etc without pushing a train length not fussy really!!! any suggestions appriciated.i cant get anywhere to try them out so need to pick the right one..if thats ever possible
thanks image


  • one of my friends absolutely swears by the icandy, but i have no personal experience of one. they are a little pricey though, so i guess it depends how much you wanna spend.

    also, are pretty good at doing demo videos, so it might be worth having a look on there
  • We had a Phil and Ted's side by side and it was great .... but cumbersome. Anyway, we needed to get another Double Buggy for our youngest and the baby and I don't like the one under another buggies either. We recently got a Twinner Twist Duo from (I know they're Irish but so am I and they deleivered it for free to Sheffield!!). They have a deal on at the moment for the side by side with a carrycot and the raincovers and the footmuff and the car seat adapter for ???????649. I have to say I love it, it fits in all the doors (The P&T onw did too but this seems better) and it fold better as well. Dead impressed ....
  • i would recommend the icandy converts to single or a double x
  • Hiya,

    My DS will be 16 months when my 2nd baby arrives in June and I had the same problem looking for a double cos I don't like the tandems and walk most places so need a lightweight one that fits through the shop doors.

    I have gone for the baby jogger city mini double which is a side by side and its absolutely fab. Obviously haven't used it properly yet but put my DS in it who is 14 months old & he had plenty of room and was really comfy & happy in it. Its also really light and very easy to steer. They are also not that expensive - I got mine from on offer for ??285.

    Happy pram hunting x
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