vibrating bouncer

is the best thing i have ever bought its a god send as soon as he goes in it he calms right down and falls asleep!!!


  • Im looking at getting one but dont know what the best kind to go for is! Any advice?
  • I had a lovely one for my 1st daughter that was from Babys R Us. It only cost ??39.99 & def helped to settle her. I'm going for a swing this time though coz I'm afraid of her trying to lift the baby out of the bouncy chair & I've read on here that the motion is great for a colicky baby

    Hilary x
  • i only got a basic one from argos it has a toy bar and fleece blanket on it i think it was about ??19.99 as we got a baby swing too but cant use it as it makes him sick wish i had spent more on the bouncer!!!!
  • hiya ive got a fisher price kick and play bouncer and its great, i chose a bouncer over a swing as i can take the lbouncer into different rooms with me and i use to wean him!! cant praise vibrating bouncers enough, def calms my little monkey down!!
  • These are definately amazing, all the crying just goes after a few seconds. Has a similar effect to being in the car. I don't know how we lived without it!
  • Ive got the fisher price think pink one and its sooooo cute!! Can't wait for the baby to come to put her in it!
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