Do you use re-usable nappies?

Hi Zoe
Sorry to hear that you're not feeling great. I still have six weeks to go and give up work on Thursday - I can't wait. I can sympathise with the way you feel but I think it's totally natural. I have SPD as well and whilst it is painful there are some pelvic floor exercises that might help. If you use a search engine and type in pelvic floor exercises you might find something that helps. Even at this late stage you might find that the pain reduces.
Hope you are feeling a little better now. Take care and best wishes for the birth.
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  • If you're a fan of re-usable nappies, we want to hear from you.
    Just post a reply telling us which is your favourite brand, why you like them, how old your baby is and what stage they're at (newborn, crawling, walking etc) and why these nappies are good for them at this age/stage. It's for a report in the April issue of Prima Baby & Pregnancy.
    Thank you!
    Consumer Ed, Prima Baby
  • Hi, my baby boy Rawdon is 7 months old. I use washable nappies and have been fortunate to try alot of the brands (my husbands aunt runs a charity shop and had a box of samples donated which she saved for me to buy).
    I mainly use terry squares from Mothercare, PHP nappy liners, a Snappi (to fasten) and a Nature Babies wrap with popper fastening.
    I use terry squares (although Mothercare terries aren't very square!) as they are easy to wash, quick to dry & look nice on the washing line!
    I use Nature Babies wraps as they are the most versatile with their popper fastenings.
    The Snappi is excellent as my husband refused to use nappy pins - he was scared he might prick the baby.
    When I bought my nappies I bought two starter sets from Mothercare so I would have two buckets & plenty of nappies so I wouldn't have to do nappy washes everyday.
    I also use washable baby wipes - small microfibre cloths I bought at my local chemist...I wash Rawdon's bum with warm water and Savon D'Alep which my sister sent over from France.

    I've tried Bambino Mio nappies & wraps - these were fine but the wrap was stiff at the front & always left a red mark on Rawdon's tummy.
    Totsbots - the terry preshaped nappies are good but the fleece wraps aren't water proof
    Cloth Bots - preshaped terry nappy has lots of fabric so very absorbent but this makes it bulky.
    Cotton Bottoms Nappy Cover - cute designs on the covers, the aplix (Velcro) can be a pain if it gets stuck on a terry nappy.
    Nappy Nation preshaped terry - no problems and has aplix fastening.
    Litewrap - the newborn size has a shaped front to go under the umbilical cord which is a good idea.
    Boots plastic pants - these are cheap to buy & machine washable but the cotton edging absorbs the wee and can then soak onto clothing & they can rip easily (my nails have ripped two so far!) - a good budget buy or to keep for emergencies.
    Mothercare plastic pants - their smallest size are so big they only fit properly when my baby reached 6 months (he isn't a skinny baby either!) they are also hand wash only - I only like machine washable covers.
    Fuzzi Bunz stuffable nappy - great fit, very adjustable & easy to use but very expensive to buy new.

    I have bought most of my nappy wraps new or second hand off eBay to save on costs.

    My babies movements are not restricted at all whilst wearing a washable, he happily rolls all over the floor (he is not yet crawling).

    Washables only affect my choice of what I dress my baby in - dungaries are best/easier...trousers can be on the small size to get over the nappy or I go up a size. Also if I'm out all day it is alot to carry around compared to disposables.

    Check out pictures of my little boy in real nappies on my facebook page - Francesca Jones 'Manchester Network', photo albums - 'Real Nappies Rock!' :lol:

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  • hi, just wondered if you had tried the mothercare smart nappy?
  • Hi, no I haven't - this had only just come out when I bought my nappies. If needs be I just use a regular disposable.
    I forgot to mention that I found the instructions for folds on the Mothercare terry nappies are very confusing (I haven't used either of the folds they depict). When I was little my Pepo doll had a terry nappy which I always used the 'kite' fold and another which I don't know the name...that's why I didn't bother with the most recent washable designs & went straight for the traditional nappies as my main supply.
    Something that annoys me is that I have found 5 different brands of 'eco' disposable nappies on the if they can do it why can't the leading brands (Pampers, Huggies etc) do that too?!
  • Thanks for your advice and thoughts. I have made a note for when the time comes to buy some re-usable nappies. xxx
  • Hi Frags-Jones
    I find Tesco trousers good for washable nappies - they're quite big on the waist and bum! However, I'm using Bumgenius pockets and i think they'd be a bit slimmer than your nappies, but i thought i'd mention it. HTH
    Bumpety-Bump, I've posted about the nappies i use on the topic in 'Baby' if you'd like my thoughts on them.
  • Hi everyone, a friend of mine has recommended Bambino Mio nappies to me, but she uses a combination of these and disposable ones, for convenience. Has anyone else used Bambino Mio??
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