Went to M and S today to get measured and was told by one of the ladies that while i am pregnant i can't wear underwired bras - is this true? She gave me a 'Total Support' that is not wired to buy with a bigger back size rather than larger cup size.

Has anyone got any advice on bras?


  • I'm afraid she is right. Underwired bras can compress the tissue that produces milk and lead to mastitis and other horible complications. Even if you don't plan to breastfeed I'm afraid you are stuck with granny bras for the time being! Mothercare do some quite nice ones and M & S have some really comfy, if not terribly attractive, ones.
  • I'm pretty sure you need to stick to non-underwired until 6 months after you stop breastfeeding too...
  • Thanks guys, will just have to get used to these granny ones for the next year then!!!!! Ah well
  • Specially if it's your first and your previously acceptable breasts turn into fried eggs afterwards!!! lol
  • Blooming Marvelous do a fairly nice one that is lightly padded and structured so similar to underwire without problems. It was very comfy!
  • Mothercare have a new range out which are really good. They are just like padded t-shirt bras but without the underwire
  • that is right you cant have underwired bras whilst your pregnant or breast feeding, must admit that i dont like m and s that much coz they always give me a bigger back size but i was told that you get the support from the back not the cup so you shouldnt go for bigger back size, also when trying on you should have the back done up on the loosest hook as when you wash and wear the bra it will stretch and lose support. I have problems also coz for some reason mothercare and m and s start at a 34in back and i am 32in so clearly women who are a size 12 or below dont need maternity or feeding bras. John lewis do a great range as do
  • Hi, I don't know if this will help but I got fed up fairly early on with maternity underwear and found these on Figleaves -

    I really like them and have ended up wearing them all the way through my pregnancy, am now on the hunt for nice nursing bras!
  • They are really nice but you are obviously more petite than I am!! I was a DD to start with so unfortunately they are no good for me. Primark have some quite nice nursing bras and they are only ??4. I wouldn't buy expensive ones to start with as you will probably change size once feeding is established.
  • I had the shock of my life yesterday when I went to pay for a nursing bra in Mothercare yesterday. I've got 7 weeks till due date but thought I might as well buy a nursing bra rather than wasting money on a maternity bra for only a few weeks. When I got to the till the woman asked if she could measure me and said I shouldn't be buying nursing bras yet as my boobs will change too much.

    Anyway, i went into the changing room and she made me take me top off (never been so embarressed in my life) then made me try on a different 'maternity' bra.

    I've always been a 36C but have gone up to a 36DD and they are getting a bit snug now so I was going to buy a 36E, then she told me I should infact be wearing a 40DD and to expect to be a 42DD when i give birth! I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!!!!

    She said I had to buy a bra so it fits on the tightest hook then when my ribs expand I can let it out.

    Anyway, sorry for my whinge.
    I'm never going back there again!!

    Amy xxxx
  • Didn't know primark did nursing bras, looks like a trip there having spent ??25 at M&S for 2 when lo was 4days old, they are now tight an hour after i've fed.

    I bought 2 maternity bras from M&S when pregnant but also had the Tesco sports bra's which were just as comfy & supportive but a fraction of the price.

    It's worth getting measured, i know it's embarressing (sp?) but after giving birth and breastfeeding problems requiring midwife help in hospital getting measured will seem like nothing! It's worth it to stop mastitis and getting sagging, misshapen boobs!

    I'd also wait for fitting for nursing bra's till after your milk has come in, i found the stretchy cropped tops from Matalan brilliant for the first few days, supportive and easy access and only ??4 each!

    I was a 36C/D before pregnancy, currently a 38F/FF and still growing (lo is 15 days old)

  • i never even knew you wasent supposed to wear underwired bras,is that when you get later on in your pregnancy or not? im 19 weeks and im feeling tight in my normal bras,maybe i should get fitted properly.

    how much are maternity bras roughly?
  • In theory you should stop wearing underwired bra's as soon as you are pregnant, but I think most people (including me!) wait until they grow out of their normal ones and then replace them with non-wired. I have just had to put my wired ones away and the new ones cost about ??12 each, but they are the new, really nice T-shirt ones from mothercare. Last time round I bought alot of plain support bras from ASDA but unfortunately this time I am bigger and they don't do my size!
  • Hi, before pregnancy I was 34A. I got pregnant and went straight up to 34B then to 36B. I bought 2 nursing bras from M&S a week before giving birth in size 36C as the cups were a bit baggy and I thought this would be correct size for when my milk came in. When I was in hospital after giving birth my 36C's were way too tight. I went to Mothercare after coming out of hospital and was measured at 34DD, she even tried a 34E on me but it was slightly too big but only slightly - I could have fainted! lol! I only went up one dress size!
    I didn't like the attitude of the trainee (or most staff) in my local Mothercare - she point blank refused to measure me to her colleague as if I was scum - not what you want after you've just given birth, it's not as if I went there I went M&S for any more bras I wanted. M&S bras differ depending on the style, I feel they are more supportive than the ones I got from Mothercare whose straps would often slip.
    For future pregnancies I plan on really researching bras and I am prepared to pay more for a well constructed bra.
    I have been measured recently for a 'normal' bra and was fitted as a 32DD!
    Well my hubby likes them - Good times! :lol:
    Shame about the horrendous stretch marks on them - Bad times! :\(
    But I only got 3 stretch marks on my hip - Good times! :lol:
  • I just bought a really nice bra with a 32 back from jojo maman bebe for ??10. It is a nursing one but I figured it'd have the support I needed while I'm still growing. My bras are killing me and I'm only 11+6! Hurry up and bring it Mr. Postman. I went to M&S but they start in a 34b and I am still a 32 round my back so no good for me. They suggested wearing a normal non wired bra but they don't have the support needed. I'm going to get myself to Tesco for a sports one I think. Nice tip ladies.
  • ASDA have got padded non wired t shirt type bras for ??4 in black or white at the moment, I hate those granny type of ones that have no consistency to them, so these are great. It takes a bit of digging to find them though, they are on the hangers rather than in the packs if you are looking. Think they are called non wired t shirt bras. They're great. Just wish they were for nursing too!!
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