Baby wetsuits?

Want to take my baby swimming and told i should get a wetsuit thing for swimming pool to keep baby warmer and less slippy, i want to get one and saw one i liked at the baby show but cant remember where to get it from. Can anyone recommend one?image


  • Hi i got mine from boots they had an offer on(i think its still on) it was buy one get one half price so got one in her size and the next size up hope this helps they look so cute in themimage
  • You can get them in Sainsbury's and Mothercare too these days. My baby is still in my tummy so I can't speak from experience but I would imagine they're not strictly necessary if you are taking baby swimming in a heated indoor pool but are a good idea if you are going to be swimming in the sea or in an outdoor pool.
  • Millie is now on her third and they all came form splashabout. They wear well and are easy to get on and off.
  • I also have one from splashabout - the ones from mothercare etc are more like swim suit material whereas the ones from splashabout are mini wetsuits which help keep little babies warm in the water. The baby pool at our local baths has really warm water but when they're really young they get cold so quickly and these suits enable you to stay in the water a bit longer. They are on the small side though so if you do order one just watch the sizes - I've taken Poppy since she was 8 weeks old and got a 3-6 month one and it was fine.

  • Hi, I have the splashabout one with little fishes all over it & the matching swimming is sooooo cute & everyone was cooing over my LO when hubby & I took him swimming...aswell as the cute factor the steam that comes off bb when you take it off is amazing so definitely doing the job & worth the cost.
    Only negative point is the velcro snags the piping which I'm peeved about.
  • Thanks for your replies, i've had a look and will be getting one from splashabout, i think thats the one i saw at baby show, an i cant wait to take him swimming now! x
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