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advice on twin buggy?

my LO will be 2 when the newborn is born. Thinking of buying a twin buggy. I know how important it is to make the right choice with buggys! Any advice which one to buy? would be nice to beable to keep the newborn in the maxicosi and toddler on the otherside. Thanks!


  • I have the Easywalker Duo (side by side)- which you can attach a maxi cosi too whilst you have a toddler in a buggy seat. It is quite expensive but really light to push (although quite heavy to pick up). I have it for my 8 month old twins and cant recommend it enough (also suitable from newborn as can lye flat in the seats).

    Mrs WB
  • the one above this like the one my friends got and its really nice and light to push aswell!! she has a 1yr old and a 5month old!!

    im looking at a similar one for when baby will be born...kiddicare have a good selection!!
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