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Pram/travel system recommendations

Hi all,

I am really undecided on what pram/pushchair/travel system I would like to get.

Could everybody please let me know what they have got and how pleased they are with it?

I was hoping to have one of those where you can attach the car seat, so no need to take baby out when it is asleep. Otherwise, I would like it be reasonably light and easy to fold/unfold. Off-road would also be good as we live in the countryside and I go round fields quite a bit (although I think it will carry him/her in the beginning). Further to that I like the idea one where the baby can face either way. Not sure about how important a shopping basket is, but suppose it would be nice. And last but not least, it should easily fit into the boot of a Golf.

Thanks for any advise at all. I am completely lost on this one.

Thanks. xxx


  • Look at Bugaboos. I avoided looking at them for ages and just dismissed them because of price but ultimately nothing else fitted our two main criteria (1) to go off road (beach and rough ground - I live in the countryside too by the coast) and (2) able to fit in my little smart forfour as well as hubby's car.

    Although baby hasn't arrived yet I have had a practice with my niece who seems very happy in it!

    We also got a maxi-cosi car seat which can click onto the chassis of the bugaboo.
  • Hi, we have a Bugaboo Cameleon and I agree with Redpod - it does everything I need it to and is great on the beach, the car seat works with the chassis and its great to steer and push.

    My lo has loved the pram attachment and as it has a proper mattress we have been able to use it in place of a travel cot on the odd occasion. At five months she has just gone into the pushchair attachment and I love the fact that she can face me still and I can bring the seat into a fairly upright postion for feeding solids when we are out and about.

    I don't know anyone with a Bugaboo who doesn't love theirs and I think that although it is a pricey item it does do a lot for the money.

    Hope this helps
  • Have to agree! I have a Chameleon as well and I would recomend it like a shot.
  • Me too I love my bugaboo and wouldnt change it!! Deffo go have a play with whatever buggy you decide, I didnt and now have 3 buggys because I bought 2 before I tried them and didnt like them.
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