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Baby thermometers, which one to buy?


I am looking into the things I need to buy for the baby (currently 26 weeks pregnant with 1st) and something I think would be good is a thermometer for when the wee one gets ill.

Anyway I have had a look around in the shops and on line and still not sure. One thing I noticed in Tesco actually (which I thought was a bit out of order) was they sold a tesco brand oral Baby thermometer (which had a pic on the front of a baby) and then when I got the instructions out it said it wasn't suitable for children UNDER 4! Well why call it a baby thermometer? Anyway I can't imagine trying to put an oral thermometer in a baby's mouth would be very easy so think an underarm/ear monitor/temporal thermometer might be the way to go. The Tommy Tippie multi use thermometer looked quite good until I read a review from someone that said it was rubbish and they threw it in the bin.

Anyway I went on a bit there but does anyone have any opinions or advise on this, or a thermometer or that they have used and would recommend?
Cheers ladies Jo 26 +2


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