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Does anyone have a bugaboo cameleon or a babystyle oyster

Hello everyone

Im having my first baby and I am 29 weeks and I am having trouble deciding what pram to get. I have got the choice down to the bugaboo cameleon and the babystyle oyster but it would be really helpful if anyone could give me any advice and opions on these prams.

Thank you


  • Hello, I have a bugaboo cameleon and love it. Neve is 20 months now and we still use it almost daily - its looks in perfect condition and has proved a very hardwearing pram, plus spare parts are very easy to buy. The carrycot for when baby is newborn is great and because it has a mattress is can be used as a moses basket as well (we often did this on weekends away).

    It faces forwards and backwards and reclines into three positions and is very light and easy to push.

    The only thing I didn't like was a raincover as it didn't fit properly however this was rectified with the 2009 model, I bought a repacement and now I cannot find one single thing I don't like about it.

    I drive a Citroen C3 which has a pretty small boot and it fits no problem.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thank you for your advice it is really helpful I think we are going to go for the bugaboo because it looks so comfortable for the baby. thank you x
  • cant comment on the babystyle cos i've never heard of it but i do have a bugaboo cameleon. Been using it for 3 months and i LOVE it. Really cant fault it. Baby does look v comfy in it, handy baby can sleep in it too as we've used it on holiday, they look great and are very easy and light to fold up and throw in my corsa.
  • I have a Caleleon. We've been using it since daniel was born, and he is 20 months now. I love it. Really sturdy, durable and comfortable in carrycat or pushchair mode. It has never let me down, and I have taken it on sand, mud etc. The only thing is - it is quite big when folded down, and as it comes in two pieces which I personally find fairly heavy, you can't fold it down without both hands. I know that some buggies do let you do this. But it wouldn't put me off recommending it to you 100%. I am really pleased with it.
  • Thank you so much for your advice I am going to get the bugaboo cameleon as everyone has said its so comfortable for the baby and they have had no problems with it. Because im notdue till november I was going to see if i could get a good deal at the baby show in october as I have heard that they do some very good deals there, I dont know if anyone has been there and found that they are better there.
  • Whilst I remember, there was one small thing that used to bother me about the Cameleon. When it was in carrycot mode, it was difficult to get things in and out of the basket underneat. But since its been in pushchair mode (and lets face it, it spends 6 months in carrycot mode, if that, and 3 years in pushchair mode), accessing the basket has beeen fine.
  • Thank you Rhian do you find that you use the basket alot?
  • I have the cameleon and love it. I use the basket quite a bit. I keep the rain cover in there all the time and I put bits of shopping in there too when out. I can also fit my jacket, hubby's jacket and Lily's jacket in it too! Handy when you go out expecting it to rain and it turns out nice!

  • Yes, i use it all the time. Its amazing how much stuff you accumulate when you have a little one! Also, it is really handty as you can load up the basket and not carry anything on your shoulder! In fact, I will miss it when lo starts wanting to walk everywhere. I hang the changing bag over the handle, so I suppose all I put in the basket is the raincover (sometimes), lo's cardi/jacket, a toy or a book for him, a book for me in case he falls asleep and then I nip in a coffee shop for a latte and read my book in peace, and whatever shopping I pick up that is small. But I do hand a bag of shopping from the handle too (though I know that I shouldn't as apparently it can affect the balance of the wheels - naughty me). I find the basket is easily big enough for that (it is quite deep, even if it is not that wide/long), and i have no problem at all putting my hand in it now that the bugaboo is in pushchair moed. its just that it was a little more difficult to access the basket when it was in carrycot mode. I think i changed from carrycot to backward facing when lo was just a little more than 5 months.
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