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Mainly pushchairs but I would be grateful for any baby product/store related advice.

My husband and I always like Mamas and Papas for their pushchairs but since getting pregnant and scouring the net, we've come across nothing but bad reviews for them and a few friends have said never go near M&P's. Apparently their after sales care is pants and the pushchairs themselves break very easily.

Our next choice was the Bugaboo Cameleon, my sister has one and we thought it was nifty but at the highe end of our budget than we would have liked. She has said the one draw back is the fact you can't fold down the pushchair with the seat on it, you have to take the seat/cot/car seat of first and then fold the chassis... my mum also doesn't rate the bugaboo.

We did find a nice (perhaps nicer and cheaper) alternative in Mothercare. Their My3 is a big hit with both of us. After initally saying I didn't want a 3 wheeler I really like their 3 wheeler! The best thing is they are updating the model for spring/summer and you have a choice of colours and either 3 or 4 wheels. O the flip side the reviews on their website have put us off.

Just totally bamboozled!

Any help/advice would be great!



  • I know nothing about M&P pushchairs so I can't help with that!

    Only thing I know about the My3/4 is that it is REALLY heavy, nearly twice as heavy as the chameleon.

    I do however have a Bugaboo Chameleon and it is fantastic!! I was bought it when my first (now 2 1/2) was born and I am now using it for my second, when I don't need a double. It is truely a brilliant, versitile pushchair. The only time I have ever used anything else was to go on holiday and that was only because I was too scared of the Bugaboo getting lost/damaged so I bought a cheap stroller. I think that most pushchairs that have a proper carrycot fold down in two pieces, it seems like a faff but it is actually really quick and easy to do and the two pieces will stack on top of each other neatly so it doesn't take up too much room when folded. I do a lot of walking off road and the fact that you can put the big wheels at the front means that it is really good on rough ground. The seat is a bit higher than a lot of pushchairs as well which means that once lo is bigger you can use it instead of a highchair when you are out. You can also take ALL of the covers off the pushchair and stick them in the machine to wash, even the main seat unit is washable so it is really easy to keep it looking good. It is also a dream to push, I can easily push it round the shops one handed, even with a toddler on a buggy board on the back.
    Hope that helps
    Kerry xx
  • i'd second the love of the bugaboo cameleon... its brilliant! i looked at exactly the same pushchairs and after trying a bugaboo was sold! the my3 was really heavy and i found exactly the same about m and p stuff.

    my lo is 4 months and the bugaboo has been brill as a pram and a carrycot when we've been away. its easy to get on and off buses and doesn't take up too much space. when it arrives you have to put ti together which though it sounds a pain helps you understand how to fold it down and thoguh you have to take the seat/pram bit off to fold it it fits fine in the boot of our fiesta.

    anyway enough rambling from me... have fun choosing and if you do go for it i got a really good deal from lesters nursery world on the internet. (they deliver nationwide).
  • I think the more I read fab reviews on it and the more I read about them I love that much more.

    Thanks EDMT for the recommendation. My sister did Two Left Feet with no probs but I have heard that they are rubbish on here. I only need the main bit cos my sister is giving me her car seat and the isofix thing too. I think the accessorising will be more expensive for me!
  • seriously...avoid twoleftfeet. Never used them, read reviews onlineit willsure put you off the cheap prices.

    Cant help. I have quinny speedi. It does not go completely flat and I have to put a seat down to get it in my ka. But I am happy doing this as it only goes in my car If im goin out shopping. We were going to get m+P but were put offby returns of the older model.

    Write out what you want from your pushchair and where you will be taking it. Any preferences in style.Then look up pushchairs and reveiws. I would suggest go try pushchairs out before you buy anything.
  • i made a list of what i wanted from my travel system and then went on and spent HOURS on it researching...........!! it has professional reviews and real parent reviews.... some you have to take with a pinch of salt.... some people really will complain about EVERYTHING!

    I ended up with the I candy cherry..... only drawback is same as bugaboo you have to take the pushchair bit off to fold the chassis.... but is soooooooooooooooo easy it takes literally a second..... and its sooooo light and takes up no space at all... thats what i wanted.... plus you can get the maxi cosi car seat with it and also buy a little carry cot....

    it is a minefield though!
  • I just wanted to say, we have gone for concord neo with ion car seat and proton carrycot. Haven't 'popped' yet so can really review it but hubbies sister has it and it's been brilliant.

    We ordered ours from Kiddies Kingdom on Saturday. They called on Monday to confirm some details (hubbie had mis-typed our phone number and the delivery address was different to the card address so they wanted to check) Whole thing arrived on Wedneday with no problems at all. Really good service.
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