Gecko or Cameleon??

Hi, just wondered if anyone can tell me the differences between these two Bugaboo's? As far as i can tell its just the choice of fabrics for the cameleon?? Which one do you have? Why did you choose it? There's a big difference in prices so i just want to know if its worth the extra. Thanks everyone, lucy x


  • I dont have either but i know the cameleon has an adjustable handlebar which i don't think the other one has so very handy if you & your oh are very different heights! Also, not sure if the gecko has a bumper bar
  • Im not sure of the differences but we have the cameleon and its fab!! The height adjustable handle is great and very easy to use, I personally dont have the bumper on at the mo (lo 7 months) because I find it hard to see her over it if shes lying down. I know they are a lot of money but they are DEFFO worth it xxx
  • If you have a look on the bugaboo website ( there is a comparison chart that shows you the differences. Basically the chameleon has an adjustable handlebar, adjustable suspension, a bigger shopping bag and a slightly bigger seat. We had the chameleon for Millie and it was fab!
    Hope that helps
    Kerry xx
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