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Travel stairgate/Grobag cotbed bedding

Hi ladies

sorry for asking two questions at once but Maiya is nearing the end of her nap time and I fear I may not get two posts typed.

1. we are off on a cottage hols later in the year and wanted to take a travel stairgate. has anyone used them? could recommend a good one?

2. bedding for cotbed?? i've had a look at the Grobag bedding. Has anyone used it? is it worth the expense. about ??40 odd from what I can see and then i've still got to buy the duvet and pillow!!

p.s can try maiya out with the duvet in the cotbed at night before we take the sides off for her to get used ti it? sorry prob sounds like a silly question.

thanks in advance!!xxxxxxxxx


  • Hi Lynda,

    We've used a lindam travel stair gate and find it pretty good, it is extendable to fit quite a wide range of openings and is a bit fiddly to adjust but if you only have it on 1 opening for your stay it's dead easy to get on and off and does stay the size you wanted it! ours came with a carry bag too which makes it easy to transport, i'd probably give it 8.5/10 but i've not used any others to compare it against!!

    I'm not sure about that bedding we've just got normal duvet set for our son and his sides are still on his cot we've just tucked the duvet in at the bottom and sides so that he can't get lost underneath them!!

    good luck x
  • Haven't hadthe chance to use it yet, but picked up a winnie the pooh, Disney baby branded grow bag in matalan for ??11...could be worth a look, think it was on their website too x
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