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Help! Bugaboo Camelon or Silvercross 3D Pram

Hey I was hoping I could get some advice. I was set on buying the 3d pram by silvercross so took my mum down to show it to her. She managed to convince me that the 3d pram in the cot mode wont last me long as it's small and that I should go for the bugaboo camelon instead.. I would love to hear what your thoughts are if you have the 3d pram was too small for your LO in the cot mode? And if its the bugaboo that you have is it any good?
Look forward to hearing your advice..
thank you!! xx


  • I cannot reccomend bugaboo enough. Ive had 5 buggys until I got the right one so I would deffo take it for a good test drive in the shop and put it up and down yourself also check it fits in your boot as it is quite big folded.
    I love my bugaboo and how easy it is to push, its soo light and my lo is very comfy in it. The carry cot is huge and will last for ages, I took Holly out at 4-5 months because she was sooo nosey and didnt like not being able to see what was going on. I love how versitile it is and that you can take it anywhere like the beach, grass, mud ect and it handles everything.
    Now I have it in pushchair mode it is sooo versatile you can have it as a highchair one min and lying flat the next. I love that Holly can face me still see whats going on. I will be so upset if we have another baby and I have to give mine up, thats how much I love it xxx
  • hiya, i had my heart set on the 3d and i was quite disappointed with it, especially as its silver cross. the cot bit is very small and didnt last and i thought it felt a bit flimsy. the front bits never clicked in so had to check them before setting off. when in pram mode you really need to pull it all apart when putting it in the car aswell as it loses shape quickly. i liked it at first cozim quite traditional. i was lucky enough to test drive a concord neo with car seat and carry cot for be and i was surprised how much i loved it, it was great being a bit differnt and it highlighted how flimpsy the 3d was. the camelion looks fab, but i havnt had one so cant comment on the quality.
  • I had the Bugaboo for Millie and it really is fantastic. Like Holly's mum says you can take it absoulutely every where with no problems at all. Millie loves the fact that it sits quite high up so it is good for nosing and can be pushed up to tables as a high chair when you are out. I love it because it is sooo easy to push and it looks really good. Unfortunately mine has had to be temporaraly retired due to the arrival of number two other wise I would still be using it everyday and Millie is two now.
  • I would not recommend the 3d. We got rid of ours after a couple of months (just got so fed up with it). As siandonna said, bits didnt click in properly (we went to various stores to see if it was just ours, and get an exchange etc, but everyone we came across was the same) poorly made. Its small inside, and yet takes up so much room when not in use. My friend had the same (in a diff colour) and hated hers to.

    I have only heard good things about the bugaboo.

    x x x

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  • Do inquire about the Bogaboo Bee 2008. U can use the Maxi-Cosi baby carrier with it.
  • I also had the 3d and really love it. It is a really comfy pram from your lo. Kara is 13 months and I never had any problems in that time. Kara was prem so I got a while out of the carry cot. I also thought that was very comfy as well.
  • After two quinny buzz 4 wheelers that broke I now have the bugaoo cameloen and it is fab!!!!!!!

  • i also had the silvercross 3d for my son whos now 2. Unfortunatly we are having to use it again for our 2nd baby- due march. We had nothing but problems with the silvercross- and were very diassapointed as i thought silvercross were meant to be the best when it came to prams etc. We had very similar probs to others, with it not clicking in properly, and things breaking off. we had to take ours back when my son was about 1 month old, because it broke. The shop we bought it from were useless and told us over the phone that they would replace it even though it had been used. But when we got to the shop he refused but after about 45mins of my oh and his mother argueing with this stupid little man- he agreed we could exchange it, But, made us take off all the upholstry and just replaced the chasis!!!! I must admit we hardly ever used the carry cot, as its quite fiddly to put together. But it is very small and dont think my big baby would have been in it for long anyway. Only upside is the car seat is fab!!! The accessery pack that we also got, which had to pay extra for (dont know if thats stull the case)- was a waste of money!! The parasole umbrella was rubbish, and wouldnt stay up properly, and as lovely as the cosy toes is, my son hated having his feet covered!!!! The bags quite good though!!!
    Hope this helps.
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