Car seat advice Needed !!

I have a mini cooper and am going to buy a maxi cosi car seat to go on the quinny buzz 3 - does anybody know if this car seat will fit the mini or how I find out? Also what is this Isofix base that everyone's talking about, do I need that as well??!! Sorry if I sound thick but just v.confused!:\?


  • Hey the maxi cosi is great but it uses a lot of seat belt to fasten into the car. If you go to Halfords or a large Mothercare they should show you how to fit it using one from a display to check it fits. The isofix base is fab and i'm so pleased i bought one. It fits into your car using either built in isofix hooks or if your car dosn't have them it fastens with the seat belt - then the baby seat just clicks on top and unclips with the easy realise lever on the seat - it saves having to faff with the seat belt everytime you put the seat in and out of the car - i think i paid around ??85 for the isofix base but its worth it for the ease of use. Sorry for such a mammoth reply and good luck x
  • Hi, not all car seats fit into all cars. We went to a car seat workshop (run by the hospital) before out babies were born, I know it sounds nerdy but it was the best thing we did. Also with the bases. It fitted properly in my car and was great, so thought great we'll get one for the other car but it didn't fit.
  • The Maxi Cosi seat does fit in the back of the Mini, that's what I drove when I first had Millie. I would definately get the base as well as it is pretty tricky to fit the car seat every time as there is so little room in the back of the car! If your car doesn't have Isofix you can get a base that fits in with the seat belt as well (Easybase), either will save you a lot of squashing in the back to put the seat in.
  • Hi Ladies, thanks for all your advice! I have ordered the maxi cosi car seat now along with the quinny buzz 3 and footmuff. Will deffo look at one of these isofix thingys though as well. Got 10% off at mothercare so quite chuft! getting really panicy now as only got 10 weeks to go and so much still to organise, hope you are all well xx
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