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Which car seat?

Hi all, I'm looking to get a car seat that's suitable from 9 months to 11 years. Does anyone have any recommendations?
I have an Audi A4 estate



  • Hiya hun,
    We have the maxicosi isofix one and its just great, so easy to fit and once its in thats it. Its got SIP, it reclines and is just a fab car seat. Holly looks so comfy in it I would deffo reccomend it
  • I think I kinda read and ran there without reading properly lol Sorry no idea about a car seat up to 11yrs I didnt know you could get them!
    Let us know what you get and how you find it I'd be really interested xxx
  • hi i got one for my daughter to go in my parents car for when she goes out with them. she has had it since she was 10 months and it goes up to 11 years by taking off the harness and removing the back support to change it into ewither a high seated booster (from 4 years) or by taking the back off it becomes a normal booster seat upto 11 years.
    it was mthe pone from argos and it cost less than ??40 ish. the covers remove to be washed and it is held in by the adult seatbelt so not isofix.
    i couldnt find an isofix seat that went higher than 4 years x
  • we got the argos one too, its in there sale at the moment, costs 34.99.
  • for our second son we had the britax trio and to be honest i wouldnt buy this type of seat again as when they are little they fall asleep alot and the seats do not recline so their heads flop.
    For our third we will be buying a maxi cosi priory XP and then Rodi XR
  • hi there i like the britax isofix, really easy to take out and you know it's in safely with the isofix points, I,ve got the next stag britax isofix too and that's good
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