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Antenatal Yoga DVD - any recommendations?


I've just been looking at Amazon and ebay at yoga dvd's for pregnancy. I'm 26 weeks and am starting to get quite achy by the end of the day after being at work etc and spend most evenings in the bath to soothe my aching back! I'd like to try yoga to see if that will help keep my muscles, joints etc supple and mobilized and help my back readjust to and cope with the increasing weight I'm carrying on my front! Have also read about how good yoga can be in preparation for birth etc.

Before I go ahead and chose one I wondered if any of you girlies had any recommendations for a good DVD? I've not done yoga before so would need something that's not too complicated, lol!

Thanks xx


  • Hi
    Like you, I've never tried yoga before, although I have just been lent a couple of pregnancy yoga dvds. I looked through one today, all the moves are performed by a lady at 37 weeks, and it was very easy to follow, and looks helpful. I'm 34 weeks and going to try out the exercises over the next few weeks. The title is Yoga for Pregnancy by Theresa Jamieson.
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