Cot Beds.

John Lewes are selling a Cot Bed for ??100 a bargain. They are out of stock until mid September though, because I emailed them. Good if LO isn't due for a while.

I thought I would share this with you guys because a cot bed will grow with the child and last until they are at least 7.

All the other cot beds I have looked into are over ??150 image

You will need to buy a mattress separately (but that is pretty standard)

Dolina xx xx


  • Mothercare also sell a cotbed for ??99.99. Its called the ashton cotbed
  • That's really good - I didn't know that image
    Now hubby and I have to choose do we want a brown wood cot from Mothercare or a white one from John Lewis? I am rubbish at making decisions at the best of times :lol:

    Got 8 months to choose though.
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