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Can't find anywhere to get passport photos of my baby and toddler. Does anyone have experiance of this epecially in the Northumberland / Newcastle-upon-Tyne area?


  • I don't personally have experience of getting my children done in your area but I have had all of my children done at a jessop store 2 of mine being 6 week old babies and find that they are really good and paitant, they keep taking the pictures of your child/baby until it is acceptable for the passport office. I checked on google for jessops and they have a few stores around your area so check it out it might help?
  • i got my lo done at Klick

  • Have a look at we got Barney's photos from then and we were really pleased. You take the picture yourself against a plain white background and then upload it. They crop it to the right size and check that it meets the passport criteria before sending you out 4 pictures. It cost ??3.95 and we had our pictures in about 2 days. Much easier than taking lo's to have them done, we just lay Barney on a sheet on the floor and stood over him to take the photo. Hope that helps!
  • Thanks for the advice guy, but I managed to get sorted today. Went to Halo Photography in Blyth. Great studio, very relaxed, amazing with the kids and the photos come with a garentee if they dont get accepted.

    Both kids done for ??10. Stress over.

    Be Good
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