Napppy Changing bags!!

Hi, i'm looking for a good changing bag that will hang over the pushchair handles. I am using the huggies one that you get free with huggies nappies but i'm fed up with having to take everything out before i can get to anything! I got one off ebay which is ok for holding nappies and wipes and maybe one bottle but thats all and its not big enough for me at all as i go out for whole days at a time as i spend a couple of days a week at my grandmothers then my husband picks us up in the evning, so i need to carry 3-4 bottles as i'm not breast feeding now and enough nappies, wipes and a change of clothes for my daughter. Also my daughter will also be having an evening meal soon which means i'll ave to carry that too!!!! I'm getting so frustrated with looking and i don't want to buy another one until i know that its big enough. I've got a loola pushchair-has anyone got the loola bag, if so whats that like inside?
Any advice/ideas would be great. Thanksx


  • Hi! I don't use an actual changing bag, I use a small walking rucksack from Millets, I use the front pocket as my handbag, in the main compartment I manage to fit 3 changes of clothes, a large pack of wipes, a pampers changing mat, 2 bottles, a warming flask, feed dispenser, and then on the outside of the bag on the sides there are 2 little water bottle pockets that fit baby's bottles in nicely! Alsothe main compartment is split into two, so I can keep the changing and food stuff seperate. I've found it great, I used the Huggies one for about a week! Hope that made sense, just read it back and it sounds like gibberish!!!xx
  • Hi there, I didnt use a proper change bag either (too small and very expensive) I brought one of those disney flap bags from Argos for about 12.99 with tiger key ring fitted nicely on buggy with plenty of room and compartments.
  • Thanks for your help, i might get just a normal bag aswell then
  • hi toria... I got a big changing bag with my pram that did the trick for long days/weekends away etc, but after that eventually fell apart I've bought ordinary bags from asda & primark. they're usually cheap and you can get some quite stylish ones from primark for only ??4/5!! :\) I wouldn't buy a "changing bag" as they always seem very overpriced for what they are!! So what if you don't get a "free" travel changing mat with them? you buy one of them from mothercare for a couple of quid!! lol :\) xx
  • I have got a mamas and papas one from Tescos, not to expensive either, hangs nicely over buggy handle.
  • I just have a large bag from they have wonderful bags on there, its just a regular bag but more than big enough for babies stuff and is not ugly aswell they stock all designer bags and high street bags, (and designer copies) Also try this site nice bags there they do a range of stylish changing bags or she has a shop on ebay and her changing bags on there are ??12.99 and really nice x x
  • hi - there's a good website called Babes with Babies ( which does lots of nappy changing bags - all really nice and stylish - makes you want to use them as normal bags!
    good luck shopping...
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