Cot bedding!

I have just bought a cot for my lo and have been looking about for bedding and its so expensive! Anyone got any good websites for reasonably priced cot sets? image


  • Unfortunately I found them expensive everywhere, especially if you want good quality 100% cotton. We got them at John Lewis at the end.
  • I would think carefully about what you actually need. First time round we bought some lovely matching stuff but it never really got used. Current advice is that you stay clear of cot bumpers, and sleeping bags are much easier than sheets and blankets so you might find that all you need is 2-3 fitted sheets that fit your cot.
  • I got a couple of lovely matching bedding sets and just found them almost unused in a cupboard! You aren't supposed to use cot bumpers and the blankets weren't cellular so didn't want to use them. I did use the sheets but found my lo didn't like the cotton one as it was a bit cold to touch so I bought jersey ones which were warmer. I wish I hadn't bought the sets in the end!

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  • I've bought fitted cotton jersey sheets & pillowcases (for when he's older) and a bumper off an ebay shop called cosytots - all handmade and she will make to exact measurements if required. I'll be buying more from that shop soon as 4 sheets isn't enough nowadays! Sleeping bags I've had from Asda and matalan, as well as ebay, but the ebay one (slumbersack i think is the brand) wasn't great as lo can escape from it.

    If you aren't fussy about everything matching exactly then just shop about for bargains - at the end of the day white sheets will match whatever bumper you get and whatever sleeping bag if you go for a sleeping bag. I'm not fussy about everything totally matching - Cole has 2 bumpers (we get less bumped heads in the night that way!) and neither of them match each other but they both match the sheet.

    Asda had some nice sets in their baby event - I was going to get one but decided not to bother as it had a kiddie duvet in there and I'd rather keep him in sleeping bags for another year or so at least!
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