Pilko pramette - I've been reading bad reviews but ...

Hi, can anyone give me some feedack on the Pilko pramaette. Obviously if you listen to what M&P tell you it's award winning etc. But I've been reading really negative reviews on other websites , harness is awful and the brakes are rubbish.

The thing is my friend has one that she used last year for about 4 months before she bought a stroller and she's willing to give it to me. It would be fab as we could save some money and invest in a stroller a bit earlier. I don't want to be ungrateful but if it's not going to be any good then I'd rather invest in something else and use it as long as possible rather than move onto a stroller.
Anyway let me know what you think ? Suz x


  • Hi SuzMcH,
    I have the pliko prammette in polka, and i love it! My lo is 8mnths old now and we have had no probs at all. The brakes are fine on ours although i have heard other people say they have heard bad things. The harness is fine, but we have the luxary footmoof so works really well with that.
    I would say if you can have one for free go for it...! We paid ??500 + for ours with all accessories. I love mine so much, we are having another baby in august when Erin will be one so will need a double but i'm going to keep my prammette, it would break my heart to give it away.
  • I lurve my pilko pramette in polka dot, everything works perfectly and it fits into the car really easily image
  • Hello,

    Ordered my Pilko pramette in polko dot on Sunday.
    I looked at the lightest SilverCross too, which although was really lovely just seemed so much heavier than the Pilko.
    M&P have a deal on the car seat at the minute too, half price when brought with the pramette (only in Polka, but luckily that is what I wanted!).

  • Has anyone seen or have the Pilko Switch, it's similar to the pramette, but I was thinking of getting the switch or the pramette and just wonder which is the better. Right now i'm leaning towards the switch! it's also very light compared to all other prams i tried on the day. The silver cross although nice is heavy.
  • I liked the switch too but at the minute the fabric it comes in is limited which is why I didn't go for it. The great thing about the switch is that the pushchair can face you or face away (I think).
  • Yep it comes in two fabrics, I like the black/charcoal fabric with diaganols. So i think will go for that
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