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This is my first baby and we are thinking of not bothering with a pram for the first little while and just popping her in a sling. We do a lot of travelling round and I have seen so many people struggling with prams on/off buses etc they just look like such a pain! Has anyone tried this or am I just being completely naive and stupid?

Any advice would be great.


  • Hi Amani,
    we have bought a sling from and absolutely loved it. Before I had one by Tomy and with all the straps etc. I ended up throwing it away cos I couldn't even put my first one in without any help. What use is that? The pouchsling we bought from babysbest is so easy to use and whilst I was still breasfeeding I used it to cover Leah (first little one). When travelling I never go without my sling so yes, a buggy isn't the best option when you're on the go a lot. Hope this is helpful if quite lateimage
  • we got one from here the rainbow courie

    as a male walking around the street with one of these on i do tend to get noticed though ;\) we do alot of walking and its superb

    we did get one of those complicated strap papouse thingy's from mamas and papas originaly , before she was born...its rubbish :evil: overpriced and you need a degree in mechanical engineering to get it on and off on your own

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  • we got a mothercare one bought as a prezzie, only used it a few times as it was a nightmare to get on/off. they've got quite a good one in asda at the mo for only ??10, worth it even if it isnt so good.
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