OBaby Apex stroller

i'm really unorganised and have always left everything to the last minute, but my baby's due middle of feb, so i'm starting to panic about the lack of pushchair in our house now!
my budget's rather tight and space is also a bit of an issue, so this OBaby Apex seems pretty suitable from its description on the mothercare website. but there isn't much info, so if anyone has one / knows anyone with one and could tell me if it's actually any good, i would really appreciate it.
and also, is it really ok to put a newborn baby in a stroller?
as you can probably tell, this will be my first baby!
thank you for your help!


  • I started a thread about the Obaby Atlas & saw the deal on Mothercare too. As long as the pram reclines to a lay flat position then it will be fine for a new born so you mught want to check their own website too as I recall it gives a lot more info than the MC one. Another good idea is to go around a couple of baby shops & ask for demonstration fo the stroller & see it in the flesh. Nothing worse than spending money on something that will end up being totally inpractical once lo arrives.

    If money is tight then it is better to test out these things first cause it will cost even more to replace them.
  • it says on the mc website that this pushchair is only suitable from 3 months not for a newborn
  • sorry i was looking at the atlas not the apex! the apex IS suitable for a newborn
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