Fisher Price - Drop'nRoar Dinosaur - Argos - Half Price


This is probably a bit random but I just wanted to let you all know that the Fisher Price Drop'n'Roar Dinosaur is half price at Argos at the moment. It was a really popular toy a few Christmases ago and sold out. It's normally ??30 - ??35 and Argos have it at ??14.99.

We tried to get one for our oldest for his first Christmas and couldn't get one anywhere. He's nearly 3 now so obviosly doesn't need it but I've just got it today for our 8 month old to see if it will encourage him to sit up more to play.

Here's the link if anyone wants to look at it.


Thought I'd share it as I'm really pleased with it, a bit of a bargain really, the play balls that come with it are usually about ??5 in Toys R Us.

Kelly x


  • Awesome.. I've been looking for the next stage toys for cole for a while and haven't found anything that looks good that doesn't cost a fortune!! Just reserved one and we'll pick it up tomorrow!! Thanks so much...

    (btw the link didn't work when i tried to cut and paste it..think its too long for the browser window, but I just went on to the argos site and searched for dinosour)
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