Pram disaster!!

Hey, I rly need some help with prams! A few months ago i purchased the Quinny buzz with the maxi cosi car seat 2 use as part of the travel system, n me being me, leaving everything 2 the last minute, tried to fit it in2 my car (Seat Ibiza) and 2 my horror it doesn't fit! I cnt fit my pram in2 the car when folded, its Waaay 2 big n not 2 mention heavy! So im now searching 4 a new pram, one preferably that works in conjunction with the maxi cosi cabriofix, is light n folds up nice and small. Any ideas would b very much appreciated. thank u!!! xxx :\)


  • wat abut quinny zapp x
  • I have that pram and I have a corsa, I have to take both the back wheels off to get it in. It's not a hassle doing that, a bit of a pain when it's been raining, but I just grin and bear it!
  • Hi, I went to view a buzz someone was selling on eBay locally & it fit in our boot by taking the wheels off & detaching the pushchair seat. I have a Peugoet 206 & was amazed at how compact the buzz was (as loads of buggies don't fit in our car) & how easily the wheels pop off - didn't buy it though was I was outbid! lol!

  • I did think about taking the wheels off the buzz, bit of a pain though. Not 2 mention i do struggle to get the frame in and out of the car (Im tiny, only 5ft!). I went 2 mothercare yesterday 2 have a look at the zapp n i was impressed. I think i might have 2 c about getting one, not from there though, I can get it 4 cheaper online. Thank u so much 4 ur help ladies. xxx
  • i also have the same problem where our pram doesnt fit in the car (also an ibiza!!) however i love the pram so am just changing the car lol xx :lol:
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