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Which baby monitor is best?

I am due in dec so nowhere near as experienced as many of the lovely ladies on here but have heard very good things about the BT150 which is the one we are currently looking at.


  • Hi, ours is a BT one. It's not a video or sensor one so I am afraid I can't help there. Just wanted to say this part of the forum is rarely used so you may get more help in the Baby forum. Good luck.
  • Hi There, Please help !! Im expecting my first child in October and cant decide which baby monitor to go for wether a video monitor or a movement monitor - any suggestions or advise ???
  • Hiya, we have the Angel care monitor with the movement sensor pad and it is absolutely fab, really sets my mind at rest.
  • Thankyou so much for your responses, it seems from a post on another forum that the Angel care sensor is a go-er !! Thanks again and anyone else please let me know your views.
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